Wednesday, March 14, 2007

100-500 greatest song lyrics

As I have stated on this blog, I am somewhat of an obsessive list maker. Not in an OCD kind of way, but in a brain exercise kind of way. At least that is what I tell myself. One list I have strangely fixated on is the Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Song compilation, which was put together in November of 2004. I was pleasantly surprised at some of their selections (Big Star, Toots and the Maytals.) And horrified by others (Eminem twice and the Pixies once?).

I began to break the songs down in my head by element. Who had the better singer? Who had the best rhythm section? What were the best lyrics?

Lyrics are the element I have decided to tackle as my first major blog list. Lyrics and the song as a whole may seem somewhat difficult to separate, however when you spend time thinking about it, things get subtle real quick.

For example, “Back in Black” could not be a better song. It is truly great. Now, think about the lyrics….Exactly. And if you are thinking, “I’m not sure what they are. Maybe if I looked them up they would be great.” Sadly….no. One of my favorite all time performers is Sam Cooke. I cannot even convey to you how much I love Sam Cooke. If I listened to “Twistin’ the Night Away” everyday, I wouldn’t get tired of it. I can read the lyrics once and never feel the need to again.

With this list I want to put together the 100-500 (depending on my willpower and your participation) songs whose lyrics pull you in and really make you interested in what the singer is on about. Songs that make you dig into them and investigate or lyrics that you find yourself going over in your head like a zen koan. My mom would probably respond, “What’s wrong with songs that are just fun?” Nothing, except in a Neil Postman ‘the problem with Sesame Street’ kind of way. But songs that fade into the background are not the point of this inventory. Songs that make your brain itch are.

There are some parameters, for clarities sake, that apply to the songs included here.

1)No hip-hop. I love hip-hop too much. What I value in hip-hop lyrics seems so different to me than what I do in more singing oriented music, so I will make a hip-hop list later. Plus the first 50 songs would all be whatever came out of MF Doom’s mouth anyway. Of course, these lines are blurry. Where they are (The Roots, Mos Def) I will ere on the side of caution. I still can’t decide about the Fugees however.

2)No folk/bluegrass/traditional. I also love folk/bluegrass music but, there are so many different versions of songs with related lyrics that they would deserve a better contextual telling than I can provide for this list. That will make me cut out Woodie Guthrie, which sucks, but keep Billy Bragg. Maybe it is not all logical.

3)English Only. I would love to include Japanese songs, but then people would love to include Spanish and Finnish and then everyone would understand only a third of the list.

4)I think that is all for now.

So what I need is for people to bring up songs I might not know, or remind me of songs that I have forgotten. There are also many songs that I remember but I can’t find the lyrics to. I need help with that as well. Where you kind provide links to lyrics or MP3s, please do. Feel free to provide short commentary as well. If songs that you are kind enough to dig up don’t make it onto the list, it is only because I am a angry bitch and I believe my taste in music is greater than everyone’s. Prove me wrong.

(Things I need help with! I can't find any 1.6 Band, Car Vs. Driver, Action Patrol or Radon lyrics, although I remember them being great. If you know any sources for them, let me know.)

(Problem-- I have reached what I will call "the REM dilemma." I think they are great. I htink their lyrics must be. But who knows? Should I include them by going on what I guess that they are saying?)

The list will begin with tentative rankings that will grow and change as the list grows and changes. Maybe we will get to 500. Surprise me.

Tentative 20 songs. Will change greatly.

1)Bob Dylan-Don’t Think Twice it’s Alright

2)Billy Bragg- A New England

3)Jawbreaker-Chesterfield King

4)Daniel Johnston-Silly Love

5)Belle and Sebastian-Seeing Other People

6)Ted Leo-Me & Mia

7)Minutemen- History Lesson Pt. II

8) Big Star-Thirteen


10)Built to Spill-Car

11)Nation of Ulysses-(all of the songs together)

12)The Pogues-If I Should Fall From Grace with God

13)Piebald-If Marcus Garvey Dies, Then Marcus Garvey Lives

14)Air Miami-I Hate Milk

15)Paul Simon-Graceland

16)Macy Gray-I Try

17)Rolling Stones-Dead Flowers

18)Tracy Chapman- Fast Car

19)Leonard Cohen- Hallelujah

20)Edythe Wayne and Ron Dunbar-Band of Gold

21) The Clash- (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais

22) Operation Ivy-Unity

23)Bob Marley-No Woman No Cry

24) The 1.6 Band- Pushing Shit Back Into my Ass

25) Shawn Colvin- I Don't Know Why

26) The Cure- Boys Don't Cry

27) The Smiths- How Soon is Now?

28) Lungfish- Samuel

29)Fugazi-Bad Mouth

30)Born Against-El Mozote

31)Elvis Costello-Radio Radio


33)The Mr. T Experience-Love American Style

34)Chisel-Your Star is Killing Me

35)Smart Went Crazy-A Good Day

36)Fugazi-Do You Like Me

37)Belle and Sebastian-Stars of Track and Field

38)The Ramones-My Brain is Hanging Upside Down(Bonzo Goes to Bitburg)

39)Johnny Cash-Folsom Prison Blues

40)Modest Mouse-The Ocean Breathes Salty

41)The Postal Service-The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

42)Braid-A Dozen Roses

43)Talking Heads-Once in a Lifetime

44)Born Against-Mary and Child

45)Dead Kennedys-Holiday in Cambodia

46)Paul Simon-Mrs. Robinson

47)Billy Bragg-Greetings to the New Brunette(Shirley)

48)Bob Marley-Redemption Songs

49)Jawbreaker-Do You Still Hate Me?

50)The Isley Brothers-Fight the Power

51)Ben Folds Five-Philosophy

52)Palace Brothers-I am a Cinematographer

53)Born Against-I am an Idiot

54)Cap'n Jazz-Little League

55)HuggyBear-Pansy Twist

56)Sally Timms and Jon Langford-Horses




60)Parliment-Chocolate City


wwc said...
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susan said...

Desperate Cry for Help, The Beauty Shop

susan said...

Anonymous said...

-kiss me deadly; generation x

-the greatest; cat power

-kissi penny; shudder to think

-magic man; heart

-hello it's me; todd rundgren (i like the isley brother's version but i think he wrote the lyrics)

-reasons; built to spill

-my curse; afghan whigs

-almost any pavement/malkmus/archers of loaf songs

i'm supposed to be doing homework right now.

Anonymous said...

yo, i forgot: what is "space travel's a crime" from? i feel like it might be a lyric you used to clown or something. like rain like the sound of trains or someone like that? am i even close? i know i know it, it's driving me crazy. -summer

wwc said...

booyakasha!!!!! summer, you nailed it!

Anonymous said...

haaaay!!!! despite all of the sweet california weed that i have smoked i am still able to remember the really important stuff.

Anonymous said...

oooh, and that lazy susan song that you were supposed to give me a copy of 78 years ago.

interpol has some of the best and worst lyrics ever but i think you have to have a vagina to hear the good ones. -sum

wwc said...

Remember Marlon Diaz and his wife
I don't remember what her name was, she was nice.
She had herself some spanish bean soup for a little price.
We asked him for a little favor, yes was his reply.
His name was Marlon Diaz.
Lazy Susan

It was going on the list anyway.Didn't I give you a tape of that? A tape! Ha...Bob's got all my 7"s anyway. I think.

Handsome Monkey King said...

Young Americans- bowie

Summertime- Gershwin

Halleluiah - Leonard Cohen (especially as performed by Jeff Buckley)

Family Affair- Sly Stone

Fortunate Son- John Fogarty (I assume)

Original Sufferhead- Fela Anikulapo Kuti

Jim Dykes Hates You- cheek and watson

Handsome Monkey King said...

Is it too late to change the fela kuti seelction to "Power Show" from the same album? Bet it isn't.

Handsome Monkey King said...

And Summertime i just found out is by both Dubose Heyward and Ira gershwin (music by George)

Caitlin said...

Again I am really late, but I am home sick and bored.

Take the long way home-Tom Waits

The Piano Has Been Drinking Not Me-Tom Waits

Hurt-Johhny Cash

I'm On Fire-Bruce Springsteen (My mom loves this song but more so the Johhny Cash cover.)

You Can Call Me Al-Paul Simon

John Wayne Gacy Jr.-Sufjan Stevens

Elephant Gun-Beirut

Caitlin said...

Regents Bank (I want my money) Jake and Wes

Lyrics go something like this:
Jake:Liiiiivvinnnngg on the interest (That's actually a very sensible thing to do)
Wes: Look at my canceled checks
Jake: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Wes: Regents Bank, Regents Bank, I want my money back cause I'm locked in for life
Jake: (inaudible) I've been going back and forth back and forth on the phone so you can find the right funds
Wes: I want my money back
Jake: Don't you have a friend there in Birmingham Alabama headquarters you dumb hillbilly
Wes: I want my money, Regents Bank
Jake: I've talked to people in customer service five times and you won't correct your mistake you made in September you're driving me crazy you're too damn friendly and I can't yell at you cause you're too damn friendly annndddd stupid
Wes: Locked in for life
Jake: I'm locked in for life
Wes: Locked in
Jake: I want 10 dollars, I'm giving you my life and all I want is for 10 dollars, you fine dumb clerks in customer service can round up and give me ten dollars each out of your lunch money for all the hours I've spent on hold
Wes: Locked in for life at Regents Bank

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