Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bailout Failure

This is my visual rending of the current banking crisis. I put all of the data into my supercomputer and asked it to translate the complex mathematical equations into a display that would be comprehensible by humans. This is the result:

Here is an actual, somewhat informative piece.

Go Bama Roll Tide!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Biden Again

All things considered, I think it is better to have this guy on your team then against it. I am guessing that leading up to next week's VP debate, the Republicans will start messaging about how mean he is so that when he body slams Palin, verbaly, they will say, "Look he is so mean. All she wanted to do was be vice -president of the most powerful nation in the world, and he was nasty to her because she didn't know anything."

Debate Opinions?

I Have a hangover and can't comment right now.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


This is an interesting argument in support of Joe Biden's propensity to occasionaly run off at the mouth. He has been around so long and said so much stuff that it is kind of hard to bring him down with it at this point.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Politrick Ass Bitches

Sorry for no posting lately. My friend Danny is up to train for a tournament next month and we have been at the gym.

In politics:

This is good.

This is bad.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Hear Ya...The Economy

I see your point, David. And I have no problem with guaranteeing that the people who invested are able to get their money out. Maybe this clip was an abbreviation of the larger argument, the one that I agree with is asking conservatives what it really is that they believe. If you say that socialism is bad, then why is the first thing you turn to when there is a crisis socialism? And, if we are going to socialize the risk, and socialize the penalty, then shouldn't we also socialize the profit?

I also have a problem with allowing all of the people who told us that what we needed was less and less regulation so that their unconstrained genius could work its magic on the market, who then fell flat on their faces, to collectively cry "do over." No. You failed. You are done. Your ideology has been proven wrong. Move along. If the government, meaning the citizenry, is going to bail these companies out, it must also come with the stipulation that, as the largest investor, the government, and we as stockholders, get to exercise a large say in how the company is run. Regulation, is another name for it I believe.

Wow, Andrew Sullivan is still a jackass. Never saw that coming.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Economy

I was going to write about this but Cenk pretty much covered it for me.

Go Bama Roll Tide!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tunes for the Week

Been listening to a lot of Warren Zevon this week. I used to dig him in junior high. Who knew my tastes would hold up so well.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chris Matthews

Why can you not do this every day? Can we go back in time and watch this kind of coverage for the last 8 years? Chris? Where were you?

Other Political Shit...

...that's got me worked up. This week on Real Time, Bill Maher actually called out John Fund on the most infuriating of conservative tactics: Playing dumb for the rubes. I think this is the clip. For some reason Youtube is being odd.

Here is George Will playing it up to. I have long contended that George Will has gone a long way by pretending to be smart. Now he is trying to get by being dumb.

If you haven't been following, the right is trying to claim that Sarah Palin should be forgiven for not understanding what "The Bush Doctrine" might or might not be, because, they, themselves have no idea what it is. This claim is what is known, in the business, as complete bullshit. If you can't understand the most radical departure in U.S. foreign policy in recent memory, then get the fuck off TV.

Candidate McCain picked up the ball and ran with it. This week, after the better part of the year declaring that "The fundamentals of the economy are sound." He repeated this up until yesterday morning. When it was realized that this was a retarded statement, McCain responded, "I meant the workers." He then went on to chastise Democrats for ridiculing American workers for not being sound. Give me an f'ing break. You fuck up a war and no one can say shit because they don't want to talk bad about the troops. You fuck up an economy and everyone who points it out is ridiculing workers. Caucasian please.

This Ain't No Picnic

I have had a lot of political posts I have been meaning to make but every time I wait, the cycle completely changes. I was going to talk about all of the petty issues going on then the economy done up and died. Isn't it strange how almost every American I know, especially me, is struggling with debt that they came by pretty honestly and corporate barons, who have been running mad since the '80s and we have to rally to save them. The argument that they are so big so we have to bail them out so they don't take out the rest of our society might carry some weight, then might it be worth the debate the we should reconsider that equation. And why, pray tell, is it that socialism is terrible when it is about profit but necessary when it has to do with risk.

1st step: Don't allow companies to make loans that they are going to immediately pass up the chain and not back up themselves, they will make bad loans.

2nd step: Move on from there. We regulate because some things need regulation. We don't drive our cars with the gas peddle all of the way down. We need to get past believing that CEOs are like the pilots in Dune who drink spice and bend space. They aren't special. They will take things as far as they can. McCain surrogate Carly Fiorina got $21 million when she got fired from Hewlett Packard as well as $21 million in stocks. Is that acceptable? The she says the economy is working. Fuck yeah it is...for her. If I could get $42 million to get fired, school would be an interesting place tomorrow.

UFC Fight Night: In Solitary WItness

Wearing an airbrushed Evan Tanner: The Power of One memorial T-shirt, featuring Evan playing with a neon blue wolf, Dana White approached the podium crying behind his aviator glasses and holding a tall boy in each hand. Apparently Tanner's ghost came and told him that it was his last wish to have this event named after a Cringer song. Thus the line continues.

To the fights:

Miller vs. Kimmons: Two grapplers with great records that I know nothing about. Kimmons has a win by knee bar. Miller has a bigger record. I have no clue, so I will go with Miller by sub in the 2nd.

McFedries vs. Massenzio: McFedries explodes like the drummer for Spinal Tap. He KOs Massenzio in the 1st.

Britz vs. Morris: Both have solid records in the lower orgs. I know nothing. Britz by KO in the 3rd.

Bradley vs. Lauzon: Joe Lauzon is one of my favortie fighters. He is a solid grappler and can hang in there in the stand-up. Joe hangs around and subs Bradley in the 2nd. Then he fixes your internet.

Gouveia vs. Jensen: Gouveia is a big striker. I enjoy watching him wail on people. He will wail on Jensen and KO him in the 2nd.

Sakara vs. Vedepo: If I bet money, Sakara would be the hole in my bank account. Always finding new ways to lose, always finding me rooting for him. I enjoy the Sakara. Sakara by TKO in the 1st. If he loses it will be something else inexplicable.

Schafer vs. Alexander: I don't believe in Alexander, I am not that interested in Schafer. I don't think Alexander the powerlifter has the wrestling chops to hang in with Schafer. I think it will probably be ground dominance for Schafer. Nevertheless, I am calling a win by KO for Alexander in the first 30 seconds.

Herman vs. Belcher: Ed Herman is the UFC Frankenstein, he is big and plodding and you can't figure out how he is beating everyone. I now have some faith in him. Herman by grinding decision. He will take a submission if it is there.

Danzig vs. Guida: I have talked about Evan Tanner's singularity all week. Now that he is gone, it doesn't mean that the sport is devoid of its indivdualists. Mac Danzig is an interesting dude. I world class grump and an wthletic vegan. His photos are actually pretty decent too. I like Guida as well. He always wears his carpenter union patches. That rules. Guida goes 100% for all three rounds. Guida is a better wrestler than Danzig. He has good stand-up. I think Danzig's stand-up is getting better and better. I would assume that his cardio is getting better. His sprawl is good. His subs are sick. His grit is undeniable. I am a Danzig fan and he think he is going to hang in, be losing and pull off an oportunistic sub in the 3rd.

Diaz vs. Neer: Some people are full of piss and vinegar. The Diazs are full of piss, refined mixed into vinegar and brewed up in a still up in the mountains with strychnine and nitroglycerin and then thrown in the revenuers eyes and then those tears are refined through the same process. Whne I give a rundown of Nate Diaz I might as well be giving a rundown of Nick. I haven't really seen their games differ that much. As usual regarding the terrible two any analysis I make is irrelevant as I will never bet against a Diaz. That being he case, Neer is a better wrestler. Neer can put Diaz on his back. WIll it matter? Does he want him there? Subject to much criticism, I like how the Diazs box. I think they know what they are doing. I think Nate will damage Neer on the feet. One of Neers eyes will be swollen coming into the 3rd round. He will desperately take down Diaz who will find a space and sub him.

There it is kids. Drink one for your dead homies. Find a dadgum roof for Chad's house. Wake up Arash Markazi, he is sleeping on the frat porch. Here we goes.

Klan Robes

Interesting photo essay, with audio, on making Klan robes.

Another reason...

Another reason that the internet is important. Small information like this is extremely helpful in understanding the economic crisis that is happening at the moment. TV news does a very bad job of explaining details like this and is even worse about correcting their mistakes.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Joe Biden Nails it Again

Go get 'em Joe.


Brilliant Sheldon Whitehouse.

What they never bring up is that the oil that we drill for now won't effect oil prices for at least 5-6 years. Some estimates say 20 years. They don't say that the oil doesn't become the property of America. It becomes Exxon's and Shell's and they can sell it to whoever offers them the most money. They don't say that drilling requires an enormous capital investment.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Further Evan Tanner

I don't want to make it seem that I am hung up on Evan Tanner's death. It is sad, but it isn't dominating my week. I have always thought it was sad, however, that there are so many great people in the world doing interesting things that are flying under the radar. And when they pass, who is there to remark that they were ever here. We know more about Brittney Spears hitting a parked car than we know about Lance Hahn's entire career. What an intolerable imbalance. I think the internet is doing a good job of making that less the case. Of course it seems to make it more divided and compartmentalized as well. But this week has seen an outpouring of reaction to Evan Tanner's unfortunate end.

Here is an excellent highlight, one of many that came out this week, made by Machinemen. It is touching and gives pretty good coverage of most of Evan's career.

Here is a video of a talk someone had with Tanner after training. I don't submit this as evidence of his genius or because I would adopt him as a spiritual leader, but because he comes across, as usual, as a really genuine guy who is struggling with the right things.

Jordan Breen, my email pal, put out a pretty good list of links to all things Evan Tanner related.

Of course I recommend this week's MMA Sunday School with two other dudes from Amarillo.

Oh But the Reason...

DSCF8638, originally uploaded by wwc photos.

I was there was to see my friend Mecca and her band, Origami Girls.

But Somehow.....

DSCF8667, originally uploaded by wwc photos.

I ended up at a '50s music tribute show bar. They celebrated Yoshi's birthday. If you didn't realize, the girl on the far left is supa hot. It was nomihodi so I downed 7-9 beers and did the Batman.

The Other Band

Actually this was just the singer form the other band who jumped on stage.

Ended Up at...

DSCF8597, originally uploaded by wwc photos.

a punk rock show under a love hotel next to my bike parking on Kiyamachi. All hail randomness. This band was from Tokyo and was just the guitar player and the drummer. I enjoyed them.

A Bad Week for Texas

Evan Tanner
Vince Young trying to go out like that
Let's hope Tony Romo doesn't get a VD of off Jessica Simpson

Hope Chad didn't plum lose his dadgum roof.

In solidarity with H-Town:


Is saying you will never stop using the term "gook" okay for a presidential candidate? Has everyone already let this one go? I could understand if it was you crazy old uncle and you just decided to let it go, but shouldn't the president be held to higher standards? It is a fair point to ask if he could also call people any other racial epithet he felt like using. Does this also cast any more doubt on his dubious Christmas story? Was the main character in that yarn also a gook? I am sure there are some segments of the population that this would only be a plus for, but they are already voting for McCain. He should really be asked if he still feels this way. I have a feeling he will backtrack on this one.

Also Funny

The Sarah Palin baby name generator. I would be Foot Chassis Palin.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Mortal Kombat Characters

Pretty funny stuff.

Wasilla RFD

A good NYT article on Sarah Palin. She is absurd. This is truly what we don't need more of. More secrecy in government. More cronyism. More reactionary, narcissistic, Christianity.

Not super funny, but I just wanted to remind you that Gina Gershon is still ridiculously hot.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

McCain is a Liar

There, that was easy to say. The media is picking up on it slightly. When you approve messages that make false statements you are lying. Is that so hard to produce from your mouth. When you lie you are lying and that makes you a liar. McCain's (and make no mistake, he is responsible) ads are beyond negative, they are pathological.

Friday, September 12, 2008

An Elementary Problem

I have been at elementary schools all week. There is a reoccuring...thing. A thing, in teaching English that shows up and I have never been able to put a name to it. It shows up for everyone. Today it happened again so I will give you an example:

We were playing a game where a flag is put into a box where various doors of various shapes have been cut. The kids have to guess what country's flag is in the box by opening one door at a time. To open the door they have to say something like "Diamond please." Or "Heart please." This seems simple enoug, but the problme arose. It seeped up from the carpets and hovered around the room. We went over what they had to say. We practiced it. Everyone agreed it was pretty easy and it was okay to start. "Diamond." A boy said confidently. At least confidently enough. "Diamond please." Oyama sensei reminded him. He looked like someone kicked a chair out from under him and reversed the gravity. He said nothing. "Diamond please." Morimoto and Oyama urged him on. "I don't understand." He declared. "Diamond please." I was willing him at this point. I was leaning forward, motioning, "Please." "What? I don't understand." He is incredulous now. This is not uncommon, it is just bizarre. How can one understand "diamond" and not understand it when paired with "please." "Diamond" is ok. "Diamond please" is beyond comprehension and is, actually, disrespectful to boot.

I witnessed another symptom as well today. I am going down the rows asking, "How are you?" "I'm OK!" "How are you?" "I'm super!" "How are you?" "I'm hungry." "How are you today?" "What is he saying?"
"I don't know."
"Do you think it has something to do with 'how are you?'"
"I don't know."
"How are you?"
"I'm OK."

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's the Date Today?

I have to ask the elementary school kids that every day. Today the answer surprised me. "Oh. Yeah. I guess it is" Which is odd because I remember thinking a few days ago, "Man, in a year or so it's going to have been 5 years." Oh what a smartie I am. I have nothing original to add to a 9/11 dialog. Just to lament all the time we have wasted. I just wish we had had leaders strong enough to say that we were braking our ties with foreign oil immediately. To call back the young people and require 2 years of national service. To say that times were going to be hard but we had to stop the cycle now. We could have changed everything, but we didn't. "9/11 changed everything." Except for the boatloads of everything it didn't change. Well, look back at all of those wasted years and enjoy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Evan Tanner

This sport is a young one. It is growing at a ridiculous pace. It has 'crossed over.' A nebulous term meaning that people with a lot of money have taken notice of it. We've has gone from no forward pass to the one bar face mask to the HGH era in the matter of a few years. Evan Tanner showed up when the sport was still in its Jim Thorpe phase. Tanner was a high school wrestler who taught himself submissions by watching video tapes. That was it. That was his pedigree. No black belts. No super death touches. No spinning head kicks. MMA is nothing if not a sport for pragmatists. It doesn't reward mystical beliefs. It doesn't reward fanciful notions. If you buy into something that doesn't work, you find out quickly and painfully. Evan Tanner taught himself how to fight by watching video tapes and messing around in the backyard. That took him to victories in heavyweight tournaments. That took him to winning tournaments in Japan and tussling with a 250 pound Heath Herring. That took him down to 185 pounds and a UFC championship. It is easy to lose track of how much this sport has changed so quickly. Preternatural athletes with world-class training camps have taken over the sport. That is okay, they deserve it. There isn't much space left for math teachers who practice with their buddies in the shed out back like Rich Franklin or guys who start their careers on a dare like Tanner did. I always saw him as getting into the NFL with a leather helmet.

Over and above that, Evan Tanner seemed to be a decent person. Not in a way that is palatable to most people though. He was a former champion who had to dig around in his beat up old car for change to buy a can of tuna because he had tried to win enough money to pay off his debts at the black jack table and lost it all. He was a guy who bought a boat so he could learn to sail and watched it sink in front of him. He was a guy who announced he was going to give up on alcohol and make a comeback and he did. Through all of that he was absolutely honest and shared his story. Sometimes you do your own thing and you sail the Kon-Tiki across the Pacific. Sometimes you do your own thing and you starve to death two miles upstream from a river crossing. There are plenty of people that will jump on Tanner and say that him dying from running out of gas and water in the desert was moronic and will point out every way he could have prevented it. I hope they have the fortune to pass-away quietly in old folk's homes. But some of them will die in car crashes because they made a wrong turn. Some will die because they never checked for cancer. Some will die because they fall off their roofs cleaning the gutters. Some will die because they went jogging and had heart attacks. They will never get that Evan Tanner did it the hard way because that was the way he had to do it. Because the world never left him feeling satisfied. That the pain and desperation he felt allowed him to feel the love and beauty that he tried to express. That teaching yourself how to fight off of video tapes and becoming the middle weight champion is a ridiculous proposition, but, sometimes, it happens.

Congratulations Evan, you did it up right. Hope you make it to the big Steve's Rib Shack in the sky.

Here is an additional story on Tanner that is pretty good.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I really really hope this isn't true, but it look like it is. Apparently Evan Tanner's long, strange trip has come to an end out in the wilderness somewhere. I will try and elaborate more later on why I loved that dude. Steve's Rib Shack will never taste the same.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Response on Communities

Here is Sen. Obama's response to the "community organizer" slight. It is a good response but here is the bottom line, to Republicans, the argument doesn't have to make any sense. It never does. I think we have always known that, but it was reconfirmed to me more on my recent trip to America. John Kerry was a Navy officer and a war hero. He was a prosecutor and a Senator. This was all the wrong experience. Being a war hero was ridiculous. Having a rich wife made you a joke. Sen. Obama worked his way up form the bottom, so he is an elitist with no experience. Gov. Palin is a refreshing outsider. Teen pregnancy is the scourge of America. A mark of our heathenism. Teen pregnancy in the Palin household is heartwarming. A testament to their strength as a family. A black family? A Hispanic family? A non-christian family? It is time to realize that it doesn't matter in the least. To be a Republican is to be a follower. It is to swallow whatever shit gets handed down to you and to ask for more.

Whatever we on the Left do will be wrong. Whatever we are will be wrong and laughable. Just get used to it. Whatever they, on the Right are, from draft dodger to child-molester, from codeine addict to adulterer will be the most natural thing in the world. It would be nice if the media would notice this every one in a while, but that is asking a bit much isn't it?

I don't know if you are a fan of the show like I am, but this shit is pretty funny.


Strange fall weather has seeped into the Kyoto bowl. Odd. This afternoon was very summertime.

Things We Learned From UFC 88

1: Nobody loves Jerry Reed like pro-fighters.

2. Rashad Evans has become what I thought Matt Hammil would be by now.

3. Counter-punching and throwing combos are two very different things.

4. Palhares will probably be the champion at 185 someday.

5. Roan Carneiro is never a good bet.

6. Marquardt's size counted for something, as did his skill.

7. Either Goldie has to start smoking weed or Rogan has to stop.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

So Odd

Seeing screen shots of the McCain speech, I was trying to figure out what that building was with the lawn. I couldn't figure out what the connection was. I don't know if you have been following, but here is the story. Priceless.


Alabama and ECU keep on rolling. Go us.


Beats Cuba, In Cuba. CNNSI had an awesome photo essay on the trip. Good to see Hejduk back in the fold. 34 and still the fastest guy on the team.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

UFC 88: When Your Hot Your Hot

UFC president Dana White approached the podium this week, tears staining his home silk-screened Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock T-shirt, to announce that he had consulted the oracle and found that the ghost of Lance Hahn would accept the temporary naming of UFC events after Jerry Reed songs.

I didn't write anything about the last UFC because I was in Florida watching it in Hi-Def. Brock Lesnar almost looked sub-human. To the fights.

Lee vs. Boetsch: It doesn't really matter. Nobody knows anything about Lee except that he got subbed by Vernon White. Boetsch still has that highlight reel feed sack toss over David Heath. I dig his straight kicks. Boetsch by vicious beating in the 2nd.

Kim vs. Brown: Matt Brown growing to folk hero status among his housemates was the most interesting part of TUF this season. I liked his fights. Kim is an unreal fighter. He is no joke. He has more balance than PBS. His top game rules. He wins by savage smashing from the top in round 1.

Carneiro vs Chonan: This one is hard from me. Chonan has been around so long he seems like part of the sport itself. He also threw a flying heel hook on Anderson Silva. In addition, his name has a completely counter intuitive reading. I just am not sure that he has it anymore. Roan Carniero lost his last match embarrassingly. He, a BJJ black belt, was subbed by a blue belt. Ouch. He has also lost to Chonan before in DEEP. I think that, at this point in their careers Carneiro has more going for him. I really can't call it but I will go Carneiro by sub in the 1st.

Pellegrino vs. Tavares: Both of these guys are solid, exciting fighters coming off of losses. Another one that is rough. Pellegrino was scary yelling and punching Alberto Crane. I call him by enduring craziness leading to a decision. I am looking forward to this one.

Parisyan vs. Yoshida: Cancled due to injury. Was going to be a judo showdown.

Henderson vs. Palhares: Palhares is a legend in the making. He's coming. The question is, does it begin now, or after Henderson. His armbar transition from the back against Salaverry was rad times two. All of this being said, I still believe that Henderson is the best athlete in the sport. The common wisdom is that he is better at 205 then 185. Either way he is the solid right hand of iron, a hard chin and a lot of skill. Palhares trick is that he is a real BJJ guy with true wrestling skills. That usually switches the balance in his favor, but is it really against Henderson? I don&t see Henderson getting taken down. If he is, Palhares gets the fight. I see Henderson hanging in, reisiting subs from the bottom and, at some point knocking Palhares out. Let's say....Henderson by KO in the 3rd.

Hamill vs. Franklin: Poor Rich Franklin, just when he was dominating the sport, the UFC went out and signed Anderson Silva and his jock full of kryptonite. Ohio doesn't know which way to split on this one. Franklin ruled the middleweight division by being able to cut a ton of weight effectively. Now, he is going back up to 205, where he isn't big. Matt Hammil is big, and strong. I believe in Hamill's skills. If I am not driving his bandwagon, I am at least riding my skateboard and holding the bumper. Hamill has more raw physical skills than Franklin. Franklin is known as a training machine. Does this really help him as much know that he is up in weight though? Franklin is also reputed to have a very good ground game. I can see Franklin winning by sub as Hamill gets to excited on top. I can see Franklin winning by picking Hammil apart in the stand-up for 3 rounds. But, what I predict, is that Hammil takes him down at will and surprises Franklin with some bog right hands. Hammil by decision.

Marquardt vs. Kampmann: This is probably, since Yoshida/Parisyan was canceled, the fight that I am most looking forward to. Marquardt is like a PBJ sandwich for lunch, you will probably never go wrong picking him. He is good at everything. He is really good at everything. He dominated in Pancrase for a while, which is not easy. Kampmann, however just looks so slick to me. He also holds my fan-hood forever for his arm-triangle on Drew McFedries. Sometimes in a fight, when both of the competitors are good, their size comes heavily into play. If Marquardt comes out and looks like Pellegrino did next to Alberto Crane, then he will probably win the fight. If Kampann can&t out physical him, it will be rough. I'm going to call this one for Kampmann though by arm-triangle in the 3rd.

Lidell vs. Evans: Chuck Lidell vs a wrestler. Haven't we heard this one before? What Lidell are we going to see though. He might be slipping. Might. He looked good against Silva. Evans is a wrestler, but he is quick and has some nice stand-up. The thing about Rashad's wrestling ,however, is that his take-downs aren't quick double legs like Lesnar or from the clinch like Couture. Evans utilizes long, grinding, take-downs that take him from one side of the cage to the other. He wears himself down. At some point, this strategy is going to open up an opportunity for the trusty Chuck bolo punch. Two factors in Evans favor. Lidell is coming off of a hamstring injury. That takes a while to heal and pops back up when you don't want it to. It can also really effect your training. Second, Evans trains with Greg Jackson who is very good at game planning. If you see Evans come out and he looks like he is fighting a different game, the advantage might be going to him. If Lidell seems to be hesitant in his sprawl, it could go Evans way. But, I 'm going to call it for Lidell by KO in the 2nd.

That's it kids. Dig out your Smokey and the Bandit pajamas, brew up some pop-corn, call Arash Markazi and tell him I wrote his article for him (with more typos).

Tell 'Em Bout it Joe

Alright, I'm liking the pick. I enjoy the way he lays it down and then backs away from the podium and looks around to make sure it landed. Sweet.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fact for McCain Supporters

Don't think any read this, but this should be one of the first things you say to one, should it come up. John McCain wants to tax your health care benefits as income. If your employer gives you helath care benefits, they want them counted as income. If a Republican in your life starts in about taxes, drop that one on them.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh Chris Matthews.

Why do you turn it on about as frequently as Randy Moss in his last year with the Vikings. It is so frustrating to know that he is capable of this when all you see are his other capers.

Good Bye Fukuda

I will try to not forget you for the next ten mintues or so. It will be hard. What was your name again? Japan changes prime ministers like I change undershirts during the Japanese summer.


I never would have seen this coming. Especially 4 years ago when they walked into a crowded club in Fukuoka at around two in the morning of their last matches of the tournament, looking like gangters and smoking cigarettes. Who could have known???

(update: link fixed. That happens a lot on the work computer.)

Community Organizer = Bad?

I only got a chance to read the text of Gov Palin's speech. The conotation that being a community organizer was bad seemed odd to me, but I thought it was just a flaw in the writing in the same way that Sen. Obama seemed to suggest that Joe Biden takes Amtrak drivers home. This piece suggests otherwise. I didn't see the other speeches, so I didn't pick up on the theme. I do, however, know from experience that this is how the Right introduces this garbage. They get Limbaugh going on about it for a week and then have people say it in speeches and then everyone reacts to it like it was common knowledge. I remember it being teacher's unions when I was in high school. "What could be wrong with teacher's having a union?" I thought. Just Limbaugh saying it. Fox tried this a few years back trying to taint "sustainable devolpment" before most people had even heard the term. People are, in the end, exploitable. The GOP knows this. Moreover, their followers are.....followers. That is how they react, that is how they group. This morning in a Waffle House somewhere, the everyday loudmouth is chuckling to himself about "those community activists" and his cracker-ass homeboys will nod their heads in affirmation. "Yep. I had about enough of them." If asked to eleborate they will shrug their shoulders and change the subject to Bill Clinton arranging murders or John Kerry being a secret coward whilst chasing down RPG toting NVA. That dog whistle blows strong. That dog whistle blows long. That dog whistle blows loud. That dog whistle blows.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Rest In Peace Jerry Reed. How much ass does that suck. The prototype of Southern (whatever you call someone who is so far beyond alpha that he took a detour before he even thought about it...that), the Georgia Wildman took his ruckus on up the golden road. Could mortality really contain him anyway?

Here he is in 1982 inventing hip-hop:

And here he is telling the history of Louisiana:

Showing you how to be a badass:

Laying down the funk:

Nailing It:

The Streams Collide!!!!!!!!!!!!

Producing Strangeness:


Yesterday Caitlin said, "So that's why you are so jaded." No setup is needed for that little tidbit. I am sure you can all supply your own. It was my destiny.

Yo Metabolism!

People who don't get this shiznit make me f'n nuts. Unless they just don't care. I used to know nothing about nutrition as well until I got serious about fighting. All you here is people complain about their weight and not take any actual steps toward doing anything. If people hosetly don't care, then go forward in peace my brother. But the wife's tales that pass for science regarding nutrition have got to be through. I know you don't care.

Especially in Japan where people believe every bit of garbage that gets passed down and say things like "You eat a lot." When I try to have an apple or some peanuts every few hours instead of gulping down fried whale nuts, soupy rice and a rotten fish flavored lump of biomass three times a day.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

If You Like Environmental Design Like I Do...

Then check this out. Makes me want to go back to what I used to do. I can't understand people who don't get excited by possibilities like this.

Oh No They Didn't

Keep the hands off Amy Goodman, suckers. Signs point to these busts being guided from the federal level. Surprise surprise. Democracy is a scary thing. The actual terrifying thing about these situations is that people who have a radical understanding of how the country works and what their roles in it are are given firearms and allowed to bust down doors and confiscate cars. Make no mistake, those are, in fact, the moments that they live for. They see protesters, disrupters, as the enemy and feel every right to treat them poorly. They will never pause for a second to think, "Maybe this person I am holding here, is smarter than me and has a better understanding of things than me." I still remember being at the inaugural protests in 2000 with the small contingent of roped off Republicans climaxing in ecstasy over the rest off us being challenged by the riot police.


Quote of the day from the audio, "Back the fuck off Amy Goodman!"


Monday, September 1, 2008

attempting to silence the voices in my head.