Monday, January 17, 2011

I Tolds You So

There really isn't much further need for commentary on the failed assassination, accomplished mass murder in Arizona last weekend. So I am just going to put it into a broader list of things that, while in their specifics were unforeseeable, were completely and totally predictable. This is political in the sense that it is acting out a familiar scene of conservatives creating a bad situation and then exclaiming "Who could have known?" While decrying as political any explanation of exactly why they not only could have known, but indeed should have known. I won't even be so esoteric as to include the financial boondoggle in this list, though it certainly belongs.

Let's oversimplify this:

Anti-war people on the Left before the latest Iraq war:

Don't start a war, it will lead to unknown suffering and unacceptable civilian deaths.

Pro-war right and status quo Left:

Stop being silly. Our military is so great no one ever really dies and you just want to rain on our parade.

100,000 plus Civilians die. Thousands of American service men and women die.


See, that is why we don't start wars.


Stop being so naive. Don't you know that you can't have a war without damage. You babies.


That is why we said it was a bad idea.


Stop playing politics.


We have to regulate oil and coal so that accidents won't happen which will endanger lives and the environment.


You jerks, nobody running a company is that heartless. Regulation is overkill and oppressive to business.

Accidents happen. People die.


That is why we want regulation.


Stop playing politics.


It isn't acceptable to couple violent rhetoric with encouragement of personal displays of firearms at public events. It is a dangerous mixture that you can't put the lid back on.


You whiny babies. Why do you hate the American people so much? Why do you slander us like this.

The lid comes off.


You just want to score political points. This is both no one's fault and everyone's fault. Who could have known.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


At some point after Morning Sedition had ridden the mine car off down the tunnel, after I had attempted to call into their last show, talked to their producers and had my phone card run out, after I had struggled to follow one of the amiable Marc's weak signals broadcast from his garage, I stopped paying attention. Iturned back around this weekend to find that Marc Maron, forever not looking for a New England, has the number one rated comedy podcast on iTunes. Good for him, he deserves it. Marc Maron is a good radio broadcaster, and I don't dole that out lightly. I am now hooked on the show and am looking forward to my ride home from work so that I can continue it. For all of us who continue to take our careers out fishing and shoot them in the back so that we can stride the imaginary high road, Marc has already collapsed near the finish line.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Austarlian Floods

I have seen this business happen in both hurricanes and typhoons. That is why peole like homeboy with his umbrella and truck snorkle make me nuts. Don't fuck around with that shit.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Things I Forgot

This was obviously the Song of the Year that I forgot.

Brahman and Ego-Wrappin: Sure Shot

I was about to recommend Bad Science for book of the year, but it came out in 2008. I read a ton of books this year, but I don't think they came out this year. I am partway through both The Big Short and Packing for Mars. Let's go with those.

In replacement for Wave of the Year, I will go with wrecking a large Brazilian guy for an 11-0 win in the first BJJ competition held in Heian Jingu.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

End of the Year

I was in Florida for the holidays with 900 family members so I didn't get a chance to do an end of the year list. The thing is, living in Japan, I am never sure if the things I am exposed to in a year sync up with the American year. Also my memory doesn't conform to a year. I should make a list in real time. Nevertheless.

Songs of the Year

I don't have my ear to the underground anymore, so these are pretty mainstream.

Just a Band- Ha-He

Internet meme, but it couldn't be any better.

Cee Lo Green- Fuck You

I have been critical of Cee Lo in the past, but he killed it with this new album.

La Roux- Bulletproof

When it comes to pop music, I have made my case known: I am a sucker for a good chorus.

That being said, I still haven't listened to the new Big Boi or the Roots or anything else good.

Show of the Year

I went to a lot of good shows this year but none beat Superchunk at the Metro. Surreal seeing them again after 16 years, with their kids and in my neighborhood for an outrageous price.

Wave of the Year

I had no good waves this year, however I spent the morning before my wedding surfing with a bunch of friends, so that was cool.

Movie of the Year

What movies were this year? I am going to go with---

Exit Through the Gift Shop

This movie is so good and also has the best title of all time


Has a movie ever looked this good and been this good? Peerless.

Toy Story 3

I saw it in Japanese and it still ripped my heart out.

I saw The Social Network, Ghost Writer and The Town on planes so I need to call a do over on them.

Book of the Year

I don't know. I read a bunch. Born to Run was written like a magazine article, but it sticks out in my mind.

TV of the Year

Treme. Hands down. No contest. Eat lunch at Lil' Dizzy's Cafe.
Call me crazy.

attempting to silence the voices in my head.