Thursday, June 25, 2009

It AIn't No Miracle

USA 2. Spain 0. If that doesn't make you happy in the small storage space behind your heart then you probably haven't been living and dying with the U.S. Men's National team since we felt lucky that Tab Ramos could get citizenship. Once America had the stars line up in their favor against Egypt, I told everyone who would listen that Spain was a team we (and I know how ridiculous it is to say we in sporting contexts) could take. I said it. I said it would happen even though we would be given a silly red card. I didn't say it because I am an oracle. I said it because it is no irony that I just finished re-reading Seabiscuit. I said it because what is great about the U.S. Men's Team is what is great about all American sports stories. Someone was told they couldn't, and they refused to listen. I think living amongst foreigners, all kinds of foreigners, makes this all the bigger. One tires of Europeans vacuous notions of superiority and the Japanese quality of fair weather ignorance. When The Americans are on, they play like Red Pollard, alcoholic and in a leg brace. They play like winning is the only thing between them and the poorhouse. Just watch the Clint Dempsey goal, Clint Dempsey raised in a trailer park where Louisiana meets Texas, watch how you can literally see how he wanted it more. He made the defender look silly in his indifference. Altidore's goal was also a real American soccer goal. Physically dumping the defender and then driving the ball home. A great game by the whole team. If Brazil stays as sloppy as they have been this tournament, we have a chance. We being all of us who love USA soccer.


Edo said...

I like Jozy's goal because he burned a defender who plays for...Villarreal. Maybe now they will think about bringing him back from the 2nd division team they loaned him out to-

I'm very happy for the U.S. team, but one thing that makes me annoyed/sad is how everyone is calling it a "huge upset". Okay, maybe it was-but calling it an upset just further reinforces the idea that we can't go toe-to-toe with the world's soccer powers. Which is probably still true, I think. I hope someday the U.S. will beat teams like Italy and Brazil, and the headlines will be simply "U.S. wins", as opposed to "U.S. in the biggest upset ever!"


wwc said...

I don't know....I think almost any team knocking off the world number one, unbeaten in 35 straight games, is an upset. But I see where you are coming from.

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