Saturday, December 19, 2009


In a circus tent by a train track a heavy rain fell. Peeking through a gap in the red and white striped canvas one beheld; Strikeforce.

Crispim vs. Fanesca- Don't know, don't care.

Stack v. Douglas- Ibid.

Nakamura vs. Wilcox- Nakamura by flying armbar in the 1st. Enjoy it.

Britt vs. Lighty- Britt gets a narrow decision via experience.

Lawal vs. Whitehead- Lawal is a rare athletic talent coming to the sport. Couple his natural abilities with his mental approach to the sport and you have a future force. I want to buy stock in the guy. Nevertheless he is facing a tough wrestler at a higher weight. I see a decision for Lawal.

Lindland vs. Jacare- Speaking of rare talent, I love Jacare. A freaky grappler that is putting together a triking game. A raw striking game. Lindland used to be a talent but he is going the way of his beloved Republican party. Lindland gets tooled for a 2nd round submission.

Smith vs. Le- Don't believe all of the hype, despite what the commentator will tell you tomorrow, Cung Le isn't a world class striker, he is just a very interesting striker and an occasionally effective striker. I like him. I am just suspicious about someone that has spent so much time off from training to make movies. What level is he at right now? Smith has the ability to win any fight at anytime with one right hand. That applies in this fight as well. What else applies is his strategy of absorbing punishment while looking to use his right and having almost zero lateral movement while moving back and covering. This will not be a good approach against Le. I think Le's kick pile up and get him a 3rd round TKO.

Thomson vs. Melendez- The smart money is with Thomson on this one. He has a load of talent and his striking is far better than Melendez's. Thomson also has enough wrestling to not get tossed around. I worry about his injuries and layoff though. I like the Melendez I have seen lately and I like his camp. I am going with Melendez by close decision.

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