Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lara Logan: Voice of Our Betters

I assume most people have been following the uproar over Gen. McChrystal's ridiculousness. What has been more ridiculous is the has been the claws of the media reaching out for Michael Hastings (a high school classmate of a friend of mine's by the way.) The guy did nothing wrong accept for witness something important and then talk about it and he was pilloried as if he had shat on the carpet. Of course, during a war where we aren't allowed to see dead bodies I assume that pointing out anything is a hard party foul, and what are our current elite if not hard partiers. I could go on about this for a while, but I think that Matt Taibbi and Cenk Uyger pretty much covered all of the bases for me.

A slightly bothersome element of all this is that Lara Logan has had her strong points in covering the Iraq war, but I think for some social climbing is what got them to the dance and they are determined that it is going to get them to the hotel room afterward. Again, it is how we select our elite that is at fault. If you put yourself out there as a clutcher and a grabber, someone is going to toss you a coattail. If you are good at being ignorant at the right times, you will be well fed. Another confirmation of what we already know. The system is not just broken, it is decripit and infested.

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The Morholt said...

Cornell West has an interesting rap about "Constantinian Christianity." His basic point; when the christian church became a part of the empire under Constantine, it lost its credibility. "You can't eat at the emperor's table and still tell the truth to power." He expands this metaphor far beyond Christianity, and it seems to em that the press is especially indicated- they have a job to tell the truth but they eat at the emperors table.

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