Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Little Bit Michael/ A Little Bit Linc

The last time Susan was in town she got me started on watching Prison Break. Having no money or cooperating weather this week, I have been watching up on it. I haven't decided yet whether it is a stupid show for smart people are a smart show for stupid people. Somewhere in there. I will go on at length about how we are now in the golden age of television. This show is on the lower echelon of that movement. Nothing really good ever happens. Nothing particularly interesting, but it has a certain charm none the less. A funny byproduct of the show is that it has become popular in Japan. More than a few times over the last few months I have been told that I resembled Michael. I think this is mainly because I have a shaved head and a map tattooed on my body. Today, passing a mirror, I realized that being worn down by this month's stress, not shaving for a week and going to the gym like a madman have rendered me far more Linc. I asked Natsuki which she preferred, her being a fan of the show and all, "My-ka-ru" She declared giddily, that being her range of emotion. Too bad sister. My old dichotomy in Miyazaki was whether I was currently being Mark Renton or Sick Boy. It depended on my hair which depended on my attitude which depended on my success which depended on my hair. Maybe next I can run through the road cast of "As I Lay Dying."


The Morholt said...

ll be darl if you'll be vardaman. my mom can play the fish.

wwc said...

Dude. That is kind of morbid. I'll be Vardaman any day. I would like to be Darl, every once in a while. Wait, can I be Hazel Motes, and run crazy through "As I Lay Dying"'s road production?

The Morholt said...

If you get to be Haze, then I'll be ennis. Kyser is Gonga and My mom as the new Jesus Christ.

attempting to silence the voices in my head.