Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Guess who I saw on the train yesterday? The hottest chick ever. Guess who I see on the train pretty much every day I ride it? The hottest chick ever. Of course there are many different versions. Yesterday's was wearing a denim mini skirt and a long sleeve yellow shirt which read "I love star" and had red hearts all over it. Actually I saw her getting on in Goten Yama and when everyone switched to the express and Kuzuha I walked down the platform to find out if she was actually as smoking as I thought. She was, and she had red high-top Converse with no socks and her heels sticking out the back. Is my conduct strange?

I got off the train at Sanjo instead of Marutamachi and walked up Kamo-gawa. The weather here has changed quickly from coats and gloves and hats, to blistering attic like heat. The bugs swarm around the new, yellow flowers and ducklings struggle to follow their mother across where the current picks up. Even when everything is terrible, which it isn't really right now, in the end I still live in Kyoto and am a very lucky person for doing so.

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