Thursday, February 12, 2009


Soccer's greatest blood feud continues on Wednesday in America when the USA Men's National Soccer team takes on Mexico. CNNSI has a great gallery of the 10 hottest games. My favorite would have to be Mexico getting whipped so bad in the 2002 World Cup that they lost their sanity, their captain kneeing Cobi Jones in the butthole while the president of their country cried on live national TV. I am not much for jingosim in the realm of politics, but in soccer? Suck on it Mexico! That was really funny when you chanted "Bin Laden" and threw bags of piss and batteries on our players. Now you get to go to Ohio and play in the snow. Have fun!


knox-villan said...

I wish there was snow...but unfortunately...this is Ohio and we had 10inches of snow three days ago and now it is 60 degrees. We have lakes where all the snow melted so fast though?! Does that count?

wes said...

I heard the game conditions were rain and then a tornado watch. It was supposed to be snow. Did you go to the game?

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