Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gym Music

One thing I very much like about BJJ in comparison to other martial arts is that, from way back in Brazil, it has always been standard practice to have a stereo playing during training. I think it lends itself to the nature of the sport. The downside is I have no control over what gets played at Purebred. Sometimes I will be riding high because they play "Who's That Girl, The Blue Hearts, AC/DC or WU-Tang and it will transition into The Backstreet Boys or, as has been happening lately, Linkin Park, who are truly atrocious. My seething hatred for them grows. A quote from their live album: "Do you want more? I said do you want fucking more? Do you want more Linkin Park? What about more Jay-Z? What about Both?" What about neither?

What I wanted to bring up however, and I feel like I have before, is The Madcapsule Markets. This is what I feel like I have said, but wanted to say: If you told me what The Madcapsule Markets sounded like, I wouldn't want to listen to them. If you showed me video of them performing, I would have no interest in them. If you described what they were like as a band, I would not like them. If you played a few seconds from some of their songs, I would dismiss them. But...but....here is the thing... They are pretty freakin good. In my opinion. Good to listen to. Better to spar to. Tell me if I am wrong.

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