Saturday, March 7, 2009

UFC 96: Lost at Sea

It was painful for Dana White to get anywhere near the podium while his heart was still floating somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico. Nevertheless, the show must go on. I must do these predictions in a hurry so I can clean my room and make it to practice. So listen closely, here they come.

Riley vs. Nelson- I support Nelson as he is part of Team BJ Penn. But. But. Riley is the more well-rounded, more experienced fighter. Nelson will try to pull guard after getting popped a few times and Riley will hurt him for top position. 2nd round TKO.

Vera vs. Patt- It is no secret that Vera is one of my very favorite fighters. I hope someone has lit a fire under his ass and he comes out ready to destroy. Patt really has nothing to offer the superior wrestler and the superior muay-thai fighter. Vera hurts Patt in the 1st for a KO.

Boetsch vs. Brilz- We are all waiting for Boetsch to repeat the potato sacking he put on David Heath. He probably won't but his striking is brutal and stone-age. I love his front kicks. He will probably snatch out Brilz's soul somehow. Boetsch by TKO in the 2nd.

Day vs. Grove- I support Kendall Grove. I like how he improves and he has a good, well mixed game. Unfortunately there is no way to compensate for a weak chin. He unquestionably has one. Grove has all of the tools to beat Day but all it takes in one punch to take him out. If Kendall works his grappling he stands a very good chance. The more he stands and strikes the more the odds go out of his favor. I see Kendall doing well and getting caught in the 2nd by Day for a KO. Sorry. I would rather him win.

McCrory vs. Madigan- I know that Tamdan McCrory is far more talented than me. I know he is tougher and stronger and everything. He is a barn cat. I just can&t fathom how he is a pro fighter. And a good one a that. He doesn't look that part but he plays it. Tamdan tools Madigan with some wild striking for a TKO in the 1st.

Maynard vs. Miller- Maynard is a very strong, very big, very bread and butter fighter. Miller is a power-sub freak. I pick the Miller brothers in every fight and I won't get off the bus here. Miller rips something off in the 3rd. It will be a very hard fight though.

Carwin vs. Gonzaga- I am very interested in this fight. Both of these fighters have a lot to show us. It is hard to call. Both are physical freaks with tons of power. Carwin is a better wrestler. Gonzaga is better jiu-jitsu guy. I think Gonzaga gets a sub sometime in the 2nd but it should be a great fight.

Sell vs. Brown- I love Pete Sell for no reason and always pick him. I enjoy the Matt Brown. I think Sell has way to much of a size advantage in this one. Will he finally use his high-level jiu-jitsu? Probably not. Brown will hang tough but lose by TKO in the 3rd.

Hamill vs. Munoz- Two wrestlers. Two very good wrestlers. Hamill is the better striker. I generally back Hamill. I do again here. He lands a big right and wins by KO in the 1st.

Jardine vs. Jackson- A hard one to call. Why? You ask....Because Jardine doesn't fight like anyone else out there and Jackson is a headcase. Here are the two biggest factors: Jardine has a questionable chin. Jackson has outstanding boxing defense. Wait! Here are two other factors: Jardine has insane leg kicks. Jackson doesn't check leg kicks. This fight is going to be awkward. Everything in a Jackson fight depends on his mental condition. I can see either guy winning. I am very impressed with Jackson's boxing defense. I think it will win him this fight when he defense and counters and cracks Jardine on his suspect chin getting a KO in the 2nd.

There it is. Too bad Markazai is packing for spring break...1992. I won't be able to watch as I have press passes for the Shooto event tomorow.

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