Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some Random Stuff

This is Golden Week in Japan. The archipelago of holidays that everyone waits for the off year when they line up as a peninsula. They didn't this year so I had last Wednesday off and then Monday through today. In that span I will estimate that I have seen about 30 live bands and one crazy-ass dance performance in an giant old shrine. It isn't the week I planned, partly because it has rained constantly and partly because I managed to rip a good chunk of skin off of my right foot last week, but its randomness has been interesting nonetheless.

A few stories:

Does this happen in other countries? I own a Trek bicycle. It is aging, but still nice. There is a specialty Trek shop in Kyoto. My gears broke so I took it to the Trek shop. I only here bad things about them, but they have always been OK to me. Here is my conversation:

Me: I think my gears are broken. Can you fix them?
Staff: No.
Me: No, you don't know, or no it is impossible to fix?
Staff: Hmmmm.
Me: ?
Staff: Can't fix it.
Me: You mean I need to order a part?
Staff: Hmmmm
Me ?
Staff: No.
Me: Why? What's the problem.
Staff: Yes
Me: Are you saying it can't be fixed and I have to buy a new bicycle?
Staff: Hmmmmmmmm. I guess so.

I leave the shop and get on my bike and everything worked fine. What the F? Which brings up the question: Why are there some stores in Japan that seem to have no desire whatsoever to have customers? I don't get it. Most of the service in Japan is outstanding. Just sometimes......It is so strange.

Random thing two:

I moved from the second floor of the garbage heap I live in, to the first. Monday night I kept waking up thinking the bed was uncomfortable. After waking up for the fifth time, I realized I had a pocket full of thumbtacks. Nice.

Random thing 3:

I went to Going Kobe in....Kobe last Wednesday because my friend's band was playing. It was a huge concert on Kobe Port Island that featured tons of bands playing at various locations. It was also free. The event is a pretty good idea, because the island has a convention center an arena and a college all within walking distance of each other. Bands were not only playing in the main rooms, but in lots of small rooms around the facilities. Needless to say, most of the best music was on the smaller stages. Walking towards the college to hand out flyers form my friends I noticed a T-shirt for the event listing bands who were playing. Surprisingly one of my favorite bands of all time, Sambomaster, were playing. Lucky for me. I got to see them for free!! I couldn't, however, get anyone else excited enough to watch. Most of the other headlining bands, weren't particularly good.


WDD said...

can't say i have similar experiences to the one in the bike shop. You think it might be racism? I sometimes find that people can't understand my perfectly good spanish because I'm obviously a foreigner, but once they get what i'm saying they dont have a problem. It's strange how some people mistake me for someone from the DF (briefly) because my spanish is better than most gringos, but others look at my complexion and height and decide nothing i say makes any sense.

wwc said...

Well, that is a large factor in Japan-especially in Kyoto. Everyone has their stories about speaking perfectly fine Japanese and hearing back, "Sorry, I don't speak English." But there is another thing going on here which is the strange, insular, we don't want to make money and have customers factor that you run into occasionally. What is the DF by the way? I am sure I will realize once I send this.

WDD said...

Sorry, the DF is the Distrito Federal, Mexico DF, the Capital, Mexico City. Don't know why I can't seem to remember that no one outside Mexico knows it that way. It's like saying DC in the USA. Like DC Talk, the famous rap group.

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