Friday, September 11, 2009

Barney Frank

In case I haven't said it enough before, I generally love Barney Frank. He is in the right of it again in saying that calling President Obama a liar is challenging him to a debate, which is in turn "like tugging on Superman's cape or pulling the Lone Ranger's mask."

That is one thing I never get about Democrats, I would show up at people like Glenn Beck's house and say, "So what was that again?" But that is why I can't even get elected to graduate school I guess. My approach is decidedly not about building consesus and inviting good will.

Back to Congressman Frank's point, isn't yelling at the President that he is lying, aside from being unseemly and childish, a public challenge? If I was affiliated with the White House I would step on the accelerator and never look back. It would be like that scene in the Goonies where the training wheels come off the bicycle as the convertible goes around the turn. Bye Congressman, thanks for the question. Have fun in the basement with Sloth. Or, as Michael Stipe put it, "A simple prop to occupy my time." Just use Joe Wilson for all of his limited abilities. Make him the poster boy for opposition to health care like Ross Perot with NAFTA. "Ladies and gentleman, the Great Health Care Debate starring President Obama vs. Joe Wilson. No, not the smart Joe Wilson who was ambassador to Iraq....this guy!" Have you ever seen a fight where someone is getting so beat that they just kind of roll over and curl in a ball. Yeah, that. That is pretty much what I want to see. "Here I am Joe Wilson. I am the lying President coming to your hometown to debate you on health care. What? It hurts where? What the fuck do I care? Shut up and take it."

That would be my advise anyway.

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The Morholt said...

I agree; if anyone should sanction Wilson, it's the republicans. Not only was his outburst a direct violation of their party's rules, but he would be a great scapegoat for ALL the childish and undignified hissing and mumbling and texting and general surliness the republicans indulged in that night.

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