Friday, September 4, 2009

Huge Japanese Erection (as per david's request)

The internet in school has no block! The internet in school has no block! Yet I still have the internet block in my life known as "not having internet." What an experience. I don't even know that Ted Kennedy is dead yet.

It is a lazy cynics game to say, "Oh, elections never change anything. They are all the same guy anyway." It is generally a cover for never having the guts to put yourself out there for anything and the security to not have things like abortion gag rules have any effect on your life. That is why it is with great reluctance that I say that the significance of this election is.......?? Fuck, I don't know. Sure The LDP has been in power since forever but as Pete Townsend told us, "I love having sex with children." No, no...that other thing about the bosses being the same as the old bosses new bosses. I have no real faith in another empty suit in another drab Japanese office deciding that the safe course is safest. At least Hatoyama's wife is a complete nutcase. That is re-assuring. Although you would think she could come up with something more original than "I was with Tom Cruise in a former life where he was Japanese." No, no Ms. Hatoyama, that was a movie with Tom Cruise filmed in New Zealand where you have probably been on vacation. And it kind of sucked. Strange coincidence though, that out of all the dead people on the planet you would have been partnered with a movie star who is popular in their home country. I was Kurt Rambis's caddy corner neighbor in Moorish Spain. His house smelled of almonds. Strange that. All that can really be said on the matter is that Aso was a tremendous dumbass to crash a party so resolutely into the ground. All the election meant to me was some more noisy trucks and white gloved hands. Now, ask me when the Japanese Communist Party unseats the DPJ, that will be a huge erection.

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