Wednesday, March 31, 2010

UFC Fight Night 11: Pajama Jammy Jam

"What? You expect me to do it?" Said commissioner Dana White, kicking Joe Silva in the pants and making him introduce the fights by manipulating his butt cheeks like Jim Carrey.

Brenneman vs. High

Neither fighter is anyone I see going particularly far. I have seen more of High than I have of Brenneman and I think his wrestling gives him the decision.

Harris vs. Miranda

We don't know how Miranda will perform on the big stage. Harris is never going to be a big player, but he has been there before. Harris by hard fought decision.

Okami vs. Linhares

Remember all those many months ago when Okami was the man who was going to take out robo-champ Anderson Silva? Apparently the UFC doesn't. He is now fighting on the undercard of the sideshow. Not that he hasn't filled out his own application for this role as well, losing to master Republican Chael Sonnen. Linhares, in addition to having the greatest fight finder photo of all time, has an interesting game that took him a long way in Brazil. Okami has a style that won't be phased easily by sub attempts or reckless striking. Okami has great clinch wrestling and is big, strong and tough. He will wear down Linhares for a 3rd round TKO.

Uno vs. Tibau

My affection for Uno, whose nickname translates something like 'the business', is strong and ongoing. He is a true legend in the sport. Uno's durability and superior single-leg have earned him many a match. There is no way around the fact that he is on the down side of his career however. Tibau has the right skills to have beaten Uno a few years ago anyway. He is huge for the weight class. He is strong and he can wrestle. Maybe Uno can get a single on him. Maybe can take his back, but I just see Tibau's size and strength taking him to a decision.

Emerson vs. Lentz

I have explained before that I can never pick Rob "Lords of the Southland" Emerson. When you are a rich asshole and get together with your buddies to rob and pistol whip people and gas stations and then get out of your jail sentence while your comrades go away. Sorry. Emerson has very good take-down defense and okay striking. I hope Lentz gives him a colostomy bag.

Volkman vs. Torres

I have yet to be impressed with either. Volkman hits lke wrestlers used to hit before they got their shit together. Torres was big in Brazil but lost to Melvin Guillard. He is also awash in the blood of the lamb. Neither of these guys has showed enough to make a decision. Torres by sub in the 3rd.

Winner vs. Oliveira

Winner, while he hasn't been a revelation has been impressive, riding the wave of his Rough House compatriots. Oliveira is like a lot of guys on this card, he did well at the lower levels, getting his share of subs and TKOs, but hasn't done that much on the big stage. I can see Oliveira subbing Winner, but I think there is much more chance that Winner's striking is the real difference between the two. Winner by KO in the 1st.

Pearson vs. Siver

I don't think I have ever picked Siver to win, even though he has done very well for himself both in and out of the UFC. His last fight was decided by a spinning back kick, so I should be with him. But. But. I am picking against him again. The Ross Pearson we saw against Aaron Riley was an amazing improvement over what he was before. Another score for team Rough House, who are really coming to the fore. Siver is a solid opponent, but if Pearson has continued to improve over his last performance, he won't fail in the stand-up department. I think he tags Siver and gets a KO in the 3rd.

Quarry vs. Rivera

I was a big Quarry fan. On the first season of TUF, he seemed to be the only one who was asking relevant questions of the coaches. Of course they may have just been editing. In any case, Quarry has never shown any real improvement. He can hit hard if one stands in front of him. He isn't bad, but he isn't particularly inspiring either. Rivera has been a grown man doing grown man's work in the UFC for a long time. He has also suffered grown man pain, losing a daughter last year. I like Rivera as a person a lot, but he is never going to be a world beater. What he does have is a good clinch and hard strikes. He doesn't have a great ground game, but neither does Quarry. I think that Rivera can tie-up Quarry and work some strikes. They will add up for a TKO in the 2nd.

Nelson vs. Struve

There are people in the sport who I really respect and Roy Nelson has grown to be one of them. Don't be fooled by Nelson's unusual (to the fight game) build, he is a top level BJJ black-belt. I cited his Grappler's Quest bought with Frank Mir last week. Nelson was a victim of one of the worst stand-ups of all time when he had side mount on Arlovski and had the ref pull him off. He has exceptional balance and good enough boxing. Struve in intriguing with his length and ambitious striking. It was enough to beat Buentello, but I think Nelson can think his way through fights much better than Paul Buentello. There isn't a submission I can see Struve threatening with and even if he can land on Nelson, I think Roy can recover and fight him off. I see Nelson getting top position and wailing on Struve for a 2nd round TKO.

Florian vs. Gomi

If you missed out on the Shooto scene or the glory years of Pride, Gomi and the aura surrounding him might be a bit of a mystery to you. There was a few years in the middle of this decade where he was running the table at lightweight. Gomi was spectacular. The he seemed to lose interest. He has still been winning more than losing, recently topping local Osaka star Takashi Nakakura. He represents a certain age of MMA as surely as Tank Abbott or Frank Shamrock. Florian has been a fighter who has done nothing but improve, aside from a beating by BJ Penn, a loss he shares with Gomi. Florian, who earned his bones as a high level BJJ black-belt, is now know for his crisp muay-thai. I would like to see a barn burner, but I think that Florian's reach and discipline will keep the stand-up to his advantage and his grappling offers Gomi no path to victory there. I don't really know what Gomi does for training anymore. He seems to wear down qucikly and then swing for the fences. His advantages; real power and epic beard. The only way he will be KOd will be a stamina KO. Which is possible. This being a 3 rounder, I think Florian moves and jabs and kicks his way to a decision. I hope to see the return of Gomi at some point but that would require him caring, which I am not sure about. Look for whether or not Gomi enters to "Scary" by Mad Capsule Markets, which still gives me goosebumps before his fights.

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