Friday, September 3, 2010

It is Feeling Cold and Hot

Back at school with broken air conditioners and little to do except grade papers that are either blank or make little sense. I often bemoan the state of English education in Japan and then I always forget the examples. Here I am back at school grading the kids summer reports on retaurants in their neghborhood and I am clutching a hndful of examples. Here are two. And kkep in mind that they are two of the best, the most comprehensible. Most kids didn't even bother.

1. Restaurant name is Coco's. There is Nakashingai. Best food is package ware hamburger and caramel christean. Those is very delicious. Those is wester food here. Package ware hamburger is brand-new. So, it is delicious. Caramel christean is caramel ice cream and caramel sauce. It is feeling cold and hot! -end-

2. The parfait is dellcious. The glass in the drink bar is beautiful. Atmosphere is good. It is early for a moment to come. European food specialty. You only have to go to go.

These are 3rd year students who have had English class everyday for 2 and a half years. These two are in the top 95% of the essays I read. Do you understand why I think we should stop doing English in Japan. What is the point if this is the result?

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Caitlin said...

This might be because I am pretty decent at learning new languages, but I feel like learning the difference between the "to be" verb formations and when to use them is something that can be mastered in 1-2 days, 1 week tops. I can understand the spelling mistakes, but the structure not so much.

Tip: never advocate for the destruction of your own job. I may be pretty enough to live for free, but not everyone can be so lucky.

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