Wednesday, January 12, 2011


At some point after Morning Sedition had ridden the mine car off down the tunnel, after I had attempted to call into their last show, talked to their producers and had my phone card run out, after I had struggled to follow one of the amiable Marc's weak signals broadcast from his garage, I stopped paying attention. Iturned back around this weekend to find that Marc Maron, forever not looking for a New England, has the number one rated comedy podcast on iTunes. Good for him, he deserves it. Marc Maron is a good radio broadcaster, and I don't dole that out lightly. I am now hooked on the show and am looking forward to my ride home from work so that I can continue it. For all of us who continue to take our careers out fishing and shoot them in the back so that we can stride the imaginary high road, Marc has already collapsed near the finish line.


Brad said...

I agree and have been meaning to comment for a while, as I get older and music gets younger I listen not to the cacophonous soundtrack of youth, but to comedians and progressive newshounds, of which Maron is both. The Nerdist is also mainly interview style podcast, Sklarboro Country is good pop culture and smart sports comedy. Never Not Funny is a good example of a three guys talking podcast, but you have to pay for more than 20 minutes. Did you know that MMASS has been quasi-canceled? MMASS will know only air on special occasions.

wwc said...

i didn't know any of this.....tragedy

Anonymous said...

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