Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The (Red) Welfare State

Back to what I was saying before. I am starting to think that we should let the red states secede. If they did, it certainly appears that they couldn't succeed (thank you) as their policies are failures. Here are conservatives again whining about Wisconisn while failing to smyte the bee what bit them in thou own bonnett. Or something like that.


Caitlin said...
Did you see this?

Also I can't even fathom how this law seemed like a good idea. I'm tired of arguing my point and at this point it would be preaching to the choir, so I'll refrain.

The house voted to cut planned parenthood funding but the kept NASCAR funding. Part of me wants to give up.

Anonymous said...

Strange how when you have made up your mind to accept a certain political paradigm, suddenly things that make perfect sense become "counter intuitive." And the facts suddenly become exceptions to the rule and therefore dismissible. It makes me wonder how many political realities that are perfectly factual I am in denial about. Many fewer, I hope, than the libertarian and republican fantasists that set the party and media agenda for the right.

attempting to silence the voices in my head.