Friday, February 4, 2011

Rush is as Dumb as Usual

You don't need me to tell you that what is happening in Egypt is important. Exceedingly important. You also don't need me to tell you that the conservative press is failing miserably in trying to report on it. Their first issue is that they start from their decided upon storyline and then try to cram everything into it until it works. But it never really does. Sometimes the mismatched corners stand out like a roll of fat under Rush Limbaugh's tight golf shirt. Sometimes it pours out like Glenn Beck's tenuous grip on reality. We have Glenn Beck telling us that the demonstrators are communists. But of course he would. We have Sean Hannity saying that this is a democratic revolution like Iraq. What?

It is hard for the Right. Democracy is a buzz word for them. But that is all it is. The real ground work of democracy is something they don't want anywhere near. So we have a democratic uprising, which should be good. But it is against as US client state. Hmmm. If the president were Republican it would be easy to back the dictator, but with a Democrat in power...hmmmm....The Right enjoys big shows of military power, but they hate Arabs and followers of Islam. Errr... What to do, what to do? Protesters, unless they are fake CIA hires or real American rubes, are stinky and creepy and something less than human, but everyone involved here is a light shade of brown anyway. Confusion.

So Rush gets on-air again today and proves the difference between himself and real journalists; journalists who are being beaten and stabbed and kidnapped and threatened with death right now. Journalists being kidnapped is a joke. Journalists dying is a joke. The next question- why are journalists being targeted- which occurred immediately to real journalist Nicholas Kristoff, was never even contemplated. Given the violence yesterday, I would assume it is because the government and the police plan to violently crush the demonstrators and don't want the story to get out. As a fan of real democracy that terrifies me. Does it terrify Rush Limbaugh. Not as much as the anal cyst that helped him stay out of Vietnam. Or should I say, not as much as fighting in Vietnam. But we shouldn't be surprised, the Right-Wing press is full of cowards who sell their sociopathy as strong will and resolution. They also wouldn't last a second on a rooftop there, even with Anderson Cooper there to hold their hand through it.

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