Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The First Cut is the Deepest

The preliminary USMNT roster came out today and Charlie Davies wasn't on it. Neither were Frankie Hejduk or Brian McBride. That takes care of all of the special choices for the lovers the dreamers and me. Coach Bradley has much more hanging on this World Cup than business casual fans like me and he gets paid to make the choices most of us don't want to make.

I was going to write a bit today on what I thought the criteria for Davies inclusion in the team should be. My standard would have been if he could run hard for 15 minutes I would take him. That is if his running hard was at his old speed. I thought if that was the case he would always be good at the end of a desperate game. He can definitely go get the ball. I will assume that the coaching staff is looking at pretty much the same stuff and, to be fair, Davies own club team won't clear him to play. Also, his risk of reinjury is very high at this stage. It happens all to frequently. People work hard to get back and their bodies aren't used to straining after the time off and try to cover for the injured part and you end up with pulled hamstrings and ruptured tendons. I was really pulling for Davies and I think he represents the U.S.'s best hope at staging upsets, but I am also a realist. It might have been nice to bring him along as kind of a talisman. However, I am confident he will have a great future with the USMNT.

I also wanted Hejduk to be included as an option out of the defense. I love the fury he plays with and if the speed was still there, I would have taken him. Maybe it isn't. Now, I am pulling for Hercules Gomez. Leading the Mexican league in goals is no small feat. Edson Buddle is a great story. If Eddie Johnson could ever get it together he posses prodigious talent. I wish I knew more about Bedoya. I would be very happy to see Beasely return to form. He is a lot for slower teams to handle when he is on. He is a persistent nuisance on offense and defense and he can make the difference in big games.

I am very stoked for the World Cup and I look forward to spending June sleeping late or waking up early.

Update: Here is The Guardian's treatment of the England team. I wish the U.S. would put out something like this.

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