Sunday, May 9, 2010

UFC 113: Your Mother

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I meant to write this yesterday. I already went and formed my opinions. Unfortunately I caught an all day migraine and resigned to the futon. So this will be brief as I am only writing it to check my pre-opinion with my post opinion.

I don't even have to make fun of Dana White's t-shirt as it was honestly bad-ass. However, he was soaked in oil, carrying a dead dolphin and laughing.

Yoshida vs. Guymon

I want to pull for Guymon as his honesty about his depression is admirable. Yoshida is way to tough and way to much. Judo takedowns, to sub in the 1st.

Hague vs. Beltran

I don't really know. Neither is that good. Hague has a huge size advantage. Hague by 2nd round TKO.

Grant vs. Hendricks

Hendricks is one of the best athletes in the sport. Grant had better subs but I think Hendricks wrestling overwhelms him. Hendricks my decision.

Davis vs. Goulet

Davis has great boxing. Goulet has minus beard. Davis by KO in the 1st.

Doerkson vs. Lawlor

Lawlor had another epic entrance. I don't see how Doerkson can win this. Lawlor beats him for 3rd round TKO.

Cote vs. Belcher

What makes this hard to call is Cote's long layoff with a knee injury. Cote is a way better fighter. Belcher is very big for the division and has good striking. Cote has a great chin and good, tight striking. I think Cote knocks out Belcher in the 3rd.

Slice vs. Mitrione

This fight is probably getting the most debate and it shouldn't because neither guy is ever going to be good. Sorry. Mitrione has way more size and I half to believe that playing in the NFL indicates he is the better athlete. Kimbo has shown he has no chin. I am going with Mitrione by 2nd round KO in this.

Stout vs. Stephens

Interesting fights for people who don't like ground work. Stephens is a hard striker, but Stout has crazy chin. Stout is the more disciplined striker. Stout by decision.

Koscheck vs. Daley

I am hyped about this fight. I have been a huge Daley fan since his Cage Rage days. I am also not against Koscheck, which is rare. Daley has powerful striking. Real deal striking, not withstanding the fact he was handled by Josh Thomson. Koscheck hits hard but he has to wind up on it like a baseball pitcher. If Koscheck fights dumb, which he usually does, Daley finds an opening and cracks him. If Koscheck has a gameplan and sticks to it. he shoots a double and stays on top of Daley. Daley has a strong bridge and natural toughness, but no real ground game. I would love to see a Daley KO but I think Koscheck is goaded into fighting smart for once and gets the decision on the ground.

Machida vs. Rua

I scored the last match a draw. It was epic. You don't need me to tell you that both of these guys are super talented and I am just excited to watch them fight. Rua had a great gameplan for fighting a Shotokan super-star last time. However, Machid is a smart fighter and now knows that game-plan. Is there an alternate plan that Rua can surprise him with? I doubt it. I think Machida will try to clinch and wrestle and be more physical with Shogun this time. Rua still has no real power in his punches but great kicks and subs. I think that Machida fights a lot more aggressively and gets the decision.

There, knocked it out in under 20 minutes. Off to get another migraine before the fights!

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wwc said...

Rua has no real punching power. Great one me. He has no real technique but double plus power apparently.

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