Monday, January 5, 2009


Have I been remiss in not addressing politics over this holiday period? The world done blew up. I don't even know if I feel like commenting on Israel v. Palestine anymore. It seems to simplistic to say "grow up" but don't both sides deserve a stern spanking.

A lot of blame, however goes to the U.S. who demanded Palestine hold elections when any reasonable analyst knew that Hamas was going to win. The, when Hamas did win, the U.S. acted surprised and refused to recognize them. So which is it? Do we believe in democracy or do we not? If we do then we should treat Hamas as the government of Palestine. A bad government, but the government. When they have to function as the government they have different responsibilities than when they are operating as the opposition. The U.S. could have then chastised them for antagonizing another sovereign state. But we lost the ability to do that didn't we.

Not very deep thoughts but the situation is ridiculous.

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