Friday, April 10, 2009


The thing about Christopher Hitchens is that he is a complete asshole and incredibly full of himself. Himself is full of scotch, so, in fact, he is incredibly full of scotch. But he is, at times, especially when you agree with him, a very effective debater. He is undeniably smart. Smart in the sense that he has a strong memory and knows his way around an argument. I also enjoy pomposity in a debate. It is an well chosen technique, particularly if you sport a British accent. The main thing that I am surprised/completely not surprised about in this conversation is his opponent, Mr. Blackwell's (not to be confused with the deceased fashion queen) stunning ignorance. Do you think he really doesn't understand that the Pilgrims and the Founding Fathers are two completely separate groups of people? Separated by a century? I applaud Hitchens for making the reference tot he Spanish in America as well to combat the Pilgrim argument, all though it probably sailed over Mr. Balckwell's head like a disinterested hawk over a man not waving a piece of bread. It was an embarrassing performance. A drubbing. But the thing about Mr. Blackwell and his hardy crew is that their strength is in not noticing and not caring when they lose. Surely we must all know that the founding fathers, the Pilgrims, loved Jesus down in their heart and have the joy, joy, joy, deep down to stay? Kudos to Hitchens for also bringing up Thomas Jefferson's translation of The Bible which removed all claims to the supernatural. Can the Founding Father's argument really hold up in the face of that? Maybe Jefferson was a rouge? Well, he was a bit of a rouge. What a hapless pantomime of an argument you have put on for us Mr. Blackwell.

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The Morholt said...

Mr Blackwell's smarmy condescension really doesn't work with Hitchens, nor does his fake history, so he resorts to the "You elitists can trot out all the facts you want, but we know in our common-sense hearts what's true no matter what the facts are" crap.. thanks for posting this, gets my righteous indignation flowing, which beats hell out of resignation. i dont like hitchens, but i like when he's right.

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