Saturday, April 18, 2009

UFC: 97- The Empire Strikes Black

So I haven't been writing anything. Blame it on my 3 hour commute to a job I didn't ask for. I wasn't even going to do a write up but then our patron saint dropped by and told me:

So you see I had no choice really.

Stout vs. Wiman: Wiman is better than I thought but not as good as he should be. Stout is exactly what he is, a pretty good kickboxer. If Wiman doesn't feel like trying his stand-up, he should win a boring decision on the ground. Stout can always win with one punch though.

Chonan vs. Grant: Poor Ryo, having his name mangled time and again. His face was mangled in the DNA cesspool known as the Chonan family. Grant is supposed to be the hottest shit in Eastern Canada, which means lukewarm shit to the rest of the world. Chonan is a survivor so he lasts out another boring decision in this one.

Bocek vs. Bielkheden: Everytime I bet against Bocek he surprises me with his excellent grappling and I swear to never underestimate him again. Then a few hours pass, and I forget him. Such is the power of being Canadian. I also like Bielkheden for being a Scandinavian living in the southern hemisphere. I think Bocek will be a bit much for him and win a TKO from the top in the 3rd.

Loiseau vs. Herman: I admit that I am one of them; the throngs crying for Loiseau's reinstatement. He is one of my favorite fighters from my re0interest in MMA. He is a rather odd fighter for a very talented guy. The way he is content to win in someone else's guard and to routinely give up his back on the ground. Herman is a decent fighter too and could make this a dull ground encounter but my heart tells me that Loiseau has been away sharpening his 'bows for a TKO in the 2nd.

MacDonald vs. Quarry: I have often said that Quarry was my favorite on the first TUF season because he seemed to be a grownup who asked the right questions in training. He has done little to impress me since. I enjoy very much watching MacDonald fight. Even though his nickname is "The Athlete" he seems like a throwback to a time when the guys in this sport were less that and more dudes who knew how to fight (in one style.) MacDonald gets a sub in the 2nd.

Kang vs. Foupa-Pokam: Despite his recent slide Kang remains one of my favorite fighters. He is a big ball of talent. The guy is a sick sick fighter and he hope he gets to show that against Professor X. Kang by sub in the 2nd.

Marshall vs. Magalhaes: I don't know, for as good as Magalhaes is at BJJ I just get the feeling that he doesn't really like to fight. Maybe I am wrong. These are two BJJ guys going at it and Marshall is the least good at his chosen trade. However I think he is more game and gets an unforseen KO in the 1st.

Soszynski vs Stann: Soszynski has the reach, the anger and the bread and butter subs to put this one way. Soszynski works the stand-up and hurts Stann. He will get on top of him and close it out for the KO in the 2nd.

Cantwell vs. Cane: Cane has done very littel other than impress me. I here good things about Cantwell but I think Cane lets his hands go, backs Cantwell up against the cage and hurst himwith a big combo, dropping him for the KO in the 2nd.

Kongo vs Hardonk: Try to calm Joe Rogan down for this one. Yes, they are both great strikers. Kongo is the more technically sound boxer. I anticipate Kongo, muscling Hardonk around and beating him up. This weird little bird in the back of my mind is telling me that Hardonk drops for a leg lock, but I doubt it. Kongo by TKO in the 3rd. I think it should be a fun bout.

Liddell vs. Rua: Setting time machine for a date when I still cared. Ok, I still care a little bit, but Rua looked god-awful in his last match against Coleman. Liddell hasn't been great, but he has been in against some hard match-ups. Things that aren't going to happen in this fight-Rua taking Chuck down. Chuck gassing before Rua. Can Rua leg-lock Chuck? How do they get there. Can Rua out kick Chuck? I can't see these things happening. Chuck will always have Thor's hammer in his right hand. He uses it getting a KO in the 3rd. Highlight reel stuff.
(in case anyone has forgotten what a badass Shogun was not so long ago)

((by the way, that is one of the legendary clips in the annals of MMA highlights. It was made by Genghis Con who is a rad highlight artist.))

Silva vs. Leites: I am a Leites fan, but I am also a Dan Henderson fan and was sure he had the stuff to beat Silva. He didn't. Know one seems to. If Leites works for the takedown, Silva can hang on. But one has to fight a perfect match against Silva. Does Leites seem like the perfect fight kind of guy? No? He doesn't to me either. He keeps it competitive and passes guard a few times but eventually gets hurt and gets dropped in the 3rd. KO.

There it is. Not much to it. Just the straight dope from a guy with a shitty commute who drinks liquor with dead snakes in it. Take that Arash.

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