Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where I'm From

Of course we know it can happen anywhere, but there is something special about Northwest Florida crazy. I guess the Fox News crowd will continue to see nothing wrong with inciting violence towards our government and its representatives. If you were to write a song called "Cop Killer" and explore the idea of being persecuted by the police eventually leading to hatred of police you would be vilified as anti-American. If you tell people that they are coming for your guns and we have to do something, you are 100% American. I know that somewhere at a Waffle House in the area guys are talking about how the cops didn't know what they were doing, and how they would have done the whole thing better.

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WDD said...

I love the title: "none of it makes sense" In the world of sane people with normal relationships and fewer than a dozen guns in the house after being charged with spousal abuse, no, none of it makes sense, but in the place where you get to keep on carrying firearms after beating and threatening your wife and being sentenced to anger management courses you refuse to attend, it make perfect sense, seems almost, i don't know, ... Inevitable?

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