Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Old Houses

Pretty much this. Yes. Exactly.


The Morholt said...

I agree with making older houses greener, but this is the sort of disingenuous crap i hate in an otherwise good article:
Forty-three percent of America’s carbon emissions come from heating, cooling, lighting and operating our buildings. Older homes are particularly wasteful: Homes built in 1939 or before use around 50 percent more energy per square foot than those constructed in 2000.

Those stats are supposed to make us think that private sector homes of old build are a significant problem: most "buildings sucking up energy are corporate and/or public. relatively few homes build in or before 39 are in use. And homes build from the 80s on are, for the most part vastly larger. Why can't folks just give honest numbers instead of doing this, i especially hate it when i agree with the point or politics of someone who insists on trying to make his/her point with bogus and misleading figures.

wwc said...

Sure. The guys is president of a historic preservation society so....I didn't read it is carefully as you. I just agree with the concept of building homes that last and improving on them when we can, rather than building insubstantial throw away homes that maybe get through a generation. Thanks, as usual, for making me go back and look at the article again.

I would also say, having lived in Japan for a while now (this probably applies to living in Mexico as well) that a large section of the American public needs to stop being babies about heating and cooling and throw on a sweater or open a window instead of running aircon/heat.

attempting to silence the voices in my head.