Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hispanola is Good for Something

Apparently it was worth Rush Limbaugh's time to fly down to the Dominican Republic with his homeboys from 24 in order to score some action, if you will remember. Where is that plane now, one wonders? Where is that sense of adventure and Viagra fueled manhood. Can that plane not also carry medicine as it carries boner pills? Is Rush afraid that he will lose some of his yearly $40,000,000 is he cuts out of work for a few days. Seems like radio communication could be useful. Maybe he could just put in a few days of hard work. I know most of us would if we had a plane. Or enough to afford a plane ticket. Are you picking up on the idea that I think Rush Limbaugh is a worthless piece of shit? Am I giving of that vibe? Is it maybe because he said that the U.S. military, which does logistics very, very well, had been turned into Meals on Wheels? Is it maybe because that fat-ass got off military duty with an anal cyst? Is ti because he has finally proved that aside from no intellect and no shame that he has no balls? Yes. All of that.


WDD said...

no intellect shame balls or heart. Don't forget the heart, a very vital yet somehow absent organ.

Caitlin said...

Viagra use implies not only that he is impotent but also that he has a reason not to be impotent. Which raising the question, who the hell would fuck him?!? That's just plain wrong. I really can't think of a more unappealing, vile man.

Caitlin said...
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