Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stikeforce: Vice City

I sat down to write this and realized I didn't care so much. There are fights that I like, but since Strikeforce focuses so little on development there are few interesting plot lines or up and coming fighters. That being said, one of my top-five favorite fighters of all time, Nick Diaz, is on the card.

I will be brief.

Walker vs. Nagy

Nagy is there to lose. This has little relevance to the sport, however, I like Herschel Walker and he has always strived to do interesting things as a person. Walker wins early by 1,000 push-ups and sit-ups and then drinking a milkshake.

Lashley vs. Sims

A guy who has always sucked gets a week to train for a guy who might or might not suck. If Lashley is going to really do MMA, he has to quit pro-wrestling. The toll it is taking on his body must be immense. Even so he hurts Sims and wins by poundage in the 1st.

Hieron vs. Riggs

One of the few real fights on the card isn't being televised. Riggs has always been a talented guy. Hieron is a little more talented. His boxing isn't as powerful, but more technical. Also, he is not encumbered by an awful tattoo. Hieron by decision.

Lawler vs. Manhoef

If Lawler was a smart fighter he would just wrestle, which he is good at and put Manhoef on the ground, which he is bad it. Asking Lawler to be smart is like asking a non-volcanic rock to float. Manhoef by KO in the 2nd. Unless Lawler wrestles.

Santos vs. Coenen

I haven't seen enough of Coenen, but she is fairly ok. No, she is pretty good. Santos is just a plague of violence. A physical force. I think she hurts Coenen in the 1st for a TKO.

Diaz vs. Zaromskis

I was able to see Zaromskis fight live this year in Osaka. He was impressive, winning with his signature head kick, but his opponent obliged him by standing in front of him. Nick Diaz also has a habit of standing in the pocket instead of circling. I don't think he does this out of a lack of understanding though, indeed, I would assert that Diaz is one of the smartest fighters going. I am not sure how well Zaromskis fights of a real jab. With Diaz it will be tons of jabs after jabs after jabs. If the fight hits the ground it is over quickly. Diaz is one of the best in the world on the floor. I see him trying his judo hip-throw at least twice in the fight. How well can Zaromskis defend. This is a five round fight, which gives Zaromskis more time to score with the kick, but I think Diaz's strikes just add up and wear on Zaromskis for a 4th round submission.

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