Saturday, January 2, 2010

Japan Songs of the Decade: Honorable Mention

Some songs I left out of my last list which deserve mention.

Funktastic- Ripslyme

They had a good decade.

Rakuen Baby- Riplsyme

Like I was saying.

The Way Hope Goes- Tha Blue Herb

Smart, poltical Japanese hip-hop. Who knew?

Skaravan- Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

These guys are just good. That's all.


Very odd. Very catchy.

Pop Star- Hirai Ken

I used to hate this guy. I grew to respect his very real talent.

A bonus for you.

I Like It -Crystal Kay/ M-Flo

What actual talent looks like. A little silly, but....


susan said...

you know the decade isn't over yet, right?

Edo said...

Let me suggest 屍を超えて as an honorable mention-

attempting to silence the voices in my head.