Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not Even I Can Endorse This

I saw an add for this in a station or on a train somewhere last week, and thought "that can't be true." Apparently it was. How, in any way, even by my lax moral standards can this be considered okay?


The Morholt said...

Two questions: are the two guys on-site with the girls gay? Or is the cultural distance throwing off my gaydar? If they are, it sort of changes the context a bit to "disgusting fashion show" from "disgusting pedophile show."
The other question is, does anyone lese find this less disturbing because the camera work is so amateurish and bad that it fails to eroticize the subjects? It is filmed like the person behind the camera is in 6th grade, so it has less creep factor for. Does that make any sense?

The Morholt said...

Would it make sense if i had spelled else right and ended the penultimate sentence with "creep factor for me?"

wwc said...

Two things.

One: Every guy in Japan is just gay enough to throw off your gaydar.

Two: Japanese television as a whole is surprisingly amateurish and no one can seem to generate a reason why. I would imagine that the whole effect makes it that much more deliciously masturbatable for pedophiles.

Caitlin said...

Creepin': Japan Style.

Prepubescent sexuality is becoming less glorified, which makes it all the more shocking when we fall back on it. I saw an ad for CK in Vogue with a woman around my age sprawled out in a field with what was obviously meant to depict little girl's underwear. I think it was for the handbag. Disturbing.

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