Friday, June 18, 2010

USA vs. Slovenia

So much free time, so little bloggeration. Could it be the overtaking of secret projects. The undertaking? Who knows. Could it be that I am avoiding writing about BP and the Gulf so I can avoid thinking about it? Sounds promising. Fortunately we are deep in the thrall of the World Cup, the good old Mundial. And here I sit with something approximating month long jet lag from watching too much of the bouncing, bouncing ball.

There are many disparate opinions out there on the USMNT's performance against jolly old England. I was happy with the dog fight. What was expected? Pretty soccer. No. That wasn't ever happening. People will protest that Onyewu was coming too far out of the goal, but with all the randomness involved, who knows? He was also stopping plays from developing. The British press, ready to lionize its....lions, instead retreated into their misery, attributing the entire debacle to their keeper. But it wasn't poor Green and his kitchen mitts. Was it not Gerrard who let Deuce jerk him like a chicken to get that meandering shot off? It was. Lion indeed.

Next up, Slovenia. I small Slavic country that plays a lot like the Americans, only slower and with less size and power. Don't mistake me, they can win. Anyone can win. We have seen how this tournament is going. There is a large outcry for Torres's inclusion in the starting 11. I count myself among that chorus, but I see the arguments to stick with Clark. If Slovenia goes up a goal early, they will park the bus, but the Club on it, poor sand in the gas tank and put it up on cinder blocks. No fun for anyone.

Against this kind of defense, Dempsey's ball control and ability to take on defenders will be front and center. Donovan can take on defenders but it is usually at speed and I don't know how much space will be created. I would like to see Buddle in and taking shots on goal, but Altidore has showed the ability to run past stationery center-backs.

I will have to run directly from our show tonight to some bar to catch the game. I am just looking to get through the show and go. I think that the USA should be able to pull this off, but you never know when your opposition has a strong keeper and a disciplined defense. If the USA can get this, I like their chances to go for goal differential against Algeria while England faces Slovenia.

I want to start referring to Torres as "Pocket Xaxi." Is that okay? Give me the credit. Let's do this.

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