Saturday, June 26, 2010

One Goal

I'm guessing you have already seen this. It is pretty amazing. I was watching in the middle of the night at my house. The stream went out and I could only get one in Arabic. The announcer fell silent during the goal and the point didn't go up on the scoreboard so I thought it was going to be disallowed. I called Ed who's stream was 3 minutes late and so had no idea what I was talking about.

I will agree with what I said before, a hard task I know to confirm yourself, and state that I don't believe in the idea of a "national character" but that something like that is expressed by teams in the World Cup. I am again glad at the face that the USMNT presents. Before I commented on their diversity and back stories but again, a real American playing style is showing itself. Hard charging, direct, and tenacious. I do think their is something to the way teams like Italy, France and to a certain degree England have crumbled mentally and emotionally while the USA in the face of reffing miscues and defensive blunders have remained mentally strong and fought back. The U.S. brand of football gets citicesed as not technical or creative, but I like it. It is the kind of football I grew up playing and the way I tell people to play. I think it is a style.

I should point out that despite the reactions in the USA being moving, when I talk about wanting the USMNT to gain respect, really don't care so much about within the US, although that is nice, I want football fans around the world to understand how the game is played in The States. Moreover, that it is played in The States.

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