Thursday, November 6, 2008

Center Right Up My Ass

Tell me about what a "center right country" we are jack-offs. Looking at this map, how can you pretend that the current Republican Party is anything other than a regional phenomenon?

Eric Alterman on this before the election.

This was a point I wanted to make, but Think Progress did it better. To sum up "Obama is a terrible Marxist, Socialist, left-wing terrorist...He won overwhelmingly? Well that just proves that the country is conservative." Say what? So if a conservative wins, that proves America is conservative? Yes. If a liberal wins that proves that America is a conservative? Yes. The person who you decried as "the most Liberal senator in America" wins and that proves we are conservative as a country? Yes. Even though we control the House and Senate and Presidency, making gains in each? Yes. That's fucking retarded.

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