Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Week

Wow, It has been a week since the election. Sorry for the lack of posts, but I think everyone is still trying to process the whole thing. True, Roy Jones Jr. lost, but it is Tuesday and My new president listens to The Fugees and watches The Wire. I don't care how market tested that is, it was good market testing. Also, Alabama is #1 in the country and I am growing my Evan Tanner tribute beard for my jiu-jitsu match on Sunday.

I put all of this data into my computer to see if it could generate an image to better incapsulate my mood. Here is what it gave me, for better or for worse.


james said...

Can't say that's ever happened to me! Finally got your blog bookmarked man, so no more bitchin!

lio evilo said...


attempting to silence the voices in my head.