Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thanks For All The Hard Work Mom

I wish I could be there.


Mom said...

I left work early today and went to FWB HQ and waved signs on Racetrack. Tommy also took the day off and worked out of the Destin office taking flyers, etc. He wanted to drive people, but they used him elsewhere. Fixing to go to Harbor Docks for the victory party (I hope). I'll be drunk one way or the other tonight!
Wish you were here, too.

wwc said...

That's awesome. I'm really proud of you guys. We cancel out Mimi and Dad plus ad in Tom and Tommy and we have a net gain, so if the whole state follows....???

Mom said...

Been trying to call you. It was awesome. Saw Justin R. and his mom there. Tommy came out-said he couldn't stay home. Great all around. I think I'm hoarse.
Youc an come home now.

attempting to silence the voices in my head.