Tuesday, November 18, 2008

UFC 91 Recap

I know you are all probably wondering about my impressions and hankering for a reaction. Even though people were dogging on the card, I thought it was really, really solid. It was much better than last months kickbox extravaganza and shows a big difference in the European game. With the exception of the Gurgel (BJJ black-belt) brawl, it was a grappling hootenanny, which suits me just fine thank you very much. I now approve of Bocek. His showing against Robinson was good enough to raise my opinion of Mac Danzig even higher. Hazelett and Maia are now to of my official favorite fighters. There ground work is truly top-notch. Flawless almost. Can something be "almost flawless?" I don't think so. Am I disappointed that Couture lost? Yes. Would it be hypocritical for me to say before the fight that I thought he would win and then after the fight that it was a bad match-up for him? Yes. I don't believe in lucky punches, so I will say that Lesnar deserved the win, even if he didn't deserve the fight. I thought Randy was doing a really good job with him, up to the point that he got wrecked. Nogueira will destroy Lesnar. Mir is a 50/50 chance. Carwin would kill him. Vasquez would kill him. He wouldn't last a minute with Fedor. Sylvia I give a good chance to. Overeem? Probably. I was impressed with Lesnar's knees that he threw. He is obviously a talented athlete and looks better in each fight. I take him seriously, I just don't like him and don't think he is a quality champion. But, he beat Randy.

Also, I was wrong about dos Anjos, but I loved the way he fought. That Omaplata was the balls. I don't know what the F that uppercut he got knocked back in time with was though. That was nonsense land, straight.

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