Thursday, February 25, 2010

Animals Aren't Cute

I hate to jump up and down and yell "I told you so!" at a corpse with water still draining out of it, but there is no reason marine mammals should be in captivity. This is something I have been pretty adamant about since I went to a conference on it at UF during high school. There are many ethical and moral reasons that we shouldn't imprison these creatures to have show time for the rubes, but another, more pressing reason is that they are giant animals and can kill you with less effort than they use to take a shit. Speaking of shit, keeping marine mammals in captivity makes them bat-shit crazy. Think about it. "I want to get in the water with a giant, intelligent, carnivorous, toothed mammal whose name has "killer" in it, who has gone mental from its sonar bouncing off of concrete walls for the last 10 years." Bad Idea Jeans. One man enter, fish fucking kills you. I say it is par for the course. It is to be expected. Don't hate the killer whale, hate the fucking game. Really. Don't pay to see this bullshit spectacle unless you accept that somebody is going down.

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