Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ms. Chavez, Back At It

I think we should start treating Amy Chavez like that elephant who they have trained to paint pictures. The only real difference is that the elephant has some degree of natural talent. Maybe we should regard what happens in her head as what happens when monkeys throw shit around the zoo. The only problem with that is that monkeys are entertaining and the shit has a random chance of forming some kind of pattern or making sense. If Ms. Chavez were to be a competent writer I would have issues with her over her ignorance and her willingness to view Japan as a pre-constructed stereotype rather than experience it herself. Unfortunately Ms. Chavez is decidedly untalented and yet is paid by the Japan Times to conduct a monkey shit fight with herself on the pages of their newspaper. I don't know Amy, what would it be like if Hello Kitty went shopping? What is it like when you buy jeans? Great story pitch.


Caitlin said...

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ. That's all I can say to that matter.

They had a letter to the editor option. I wrote them. It won't make a difference.

The Morholt said...

Well, the column is called Japan Lite... I agree that standard English grammar would be an improvement. Is the japan times a real newspaper, with like reporters and all, or just a rag that picks up and rewrites wire stories and press releases like most overseas American Language papers?

wwc said...

No, no, it is a real paper. That is the weird thing. It is pretty good in that it covers whaling and a lot of other issues that don't make it into the Japanese press. I know it says "Japan Lite." But it doesn't say "Japan Stupid and Worthless." There are tons of people out there who could do a better job. Also, maybe it is hard to tell but she comes of as someone who knows very little about the Japanese stuff she does talk about. It is probably how my Mexico column would read.

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