Friday, February 12, 2010


I saw a bit of the very odd exchange between Ron Reagan and Atlas Shrugged over the weekend and just kind of shook my head. Fortunately the good folks at Lawyers, Guns and Money took it on a bit. Really, honestly, what was she talking about? Do you think she just said "epistemological" because it sounded like something smart that would make someone back off? That seems the most likely. Or do you think she was really trying to engage in a discussion about whether someone is able to know someone and their thoughts on a truer level by reading what they wrote rather than being one of their offspring and having a life-long relationship with them. Actually, thinking about it, I don't think she meant anything. She could have substituted any other smart sounding word, because she couldn't honestly mean what she implied. She wasn't actually even inviting the discussion...was she?

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The Morholt said...

She was just trying to stir something up and shout someone down. typical. I think she is smarter than she acts, but that the contempt of people of her political ilk for the minds and sensibilities of the common American know no bounds. I hope that the worm turns soon on these cynical and wicked anti-populists in populist clothing.

attempting to silence the voices in my head.