Sunday, February 21, 2010

UFC 110: Lightning Jack

Paul Hogan strode to the podium, cracked open a Foster's, grinned at the camera and said "Who's dead now mate." Winked and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Te Huna vs. Pokrajac

I don't pretend to know. Momentum seems to be behind Te Huna. I take him by 1st round TKO.

Dolloway vs. Reljic

Dolloway is the physical manifestation of Public Enemy's declaration, "Don't Believe the Hype!" The dude might tap to the game of Twister. Reljic is also an outstanding athlete but he has been sidelined by injuries and disinterest. Reljic has been the better fighter in the past but I am wary of fights back from back injuries so I will say Dolloway by decision. I don't know though.

Lytle vs. Foster Australia?? Great. It is no secret that I can't root against Chris Lytle. Can I pull for him? Hmm.. Chris Lytle is a very skilled striker and grappler, but he has traded in this skill for big fight of the night payouts. For those who don't know, fight of the night in the UFC means best appoximation of a toughman contest. Lytle obliges. And why not? He gets the money for it. If he fights in that fashion in Australia he is going to get smacked around by Foster who has power and wrestling. If Lytle decides to get his black-belt and pro-boxing experience out of storage he can win this decision. If not? Chunder!

Bonnar vs. Soszynski

Bonnar was a fighter that I thought had a lot of upside. He was a gold-glove boxer with a Gracie black-belt. He is obviously technically proficient. Where has that gone? His trainer, Carlson Gracie, dying might be to blame. A naturally low ceiling might be a bigger factor. He might have been an average fighter from the get go. That isn't shameful, it just means he isn't going anywhere. Soszynski isn't a bag full of talent either but he is a good fighter, and a smart fighter who knows his strengths. He is a more physical fighter and I think it will show in this fight as he beats on Bonnar for a TKO in the 3rd.

Filipovic vs. Perosh

Filipovic's opponent, Ben Rothwell, had to bow out of the competition this week. In steps Persoh. Down goes Perosh. The downfall of Cro-Cop has been sad to watch but this fight won't be. As weird as Filipovic's performances have been recently, something strange could happen, but I see a return to highlight real dominance for Filipovic with a KO in the 1st.

Jardine vs. Bader

I think there are truths to both sides on Jardine's striking; It is effective, sometimes, in its awkwardness. It is also technically unsound. Jardine is a hard opponent, but I see Bader tooling him for some reason. Bader has an explosive double leg and the wrestler's solid 1-2. I think he lands the straight right on Jardine and also takes him down for damage. Bader by TKO in the 2nd.

Stevenson vs. Sotiropoulos

Who ccan't like Joe Stevenson. He is very likable. A good fighter, who goes hard, but he couldn't cut it against the top guys. Greg Jackson in his corner is a help. Sotiropoulos is part of the Purebred family so it is also hard for me to come out against him. I was very impressd by Sotiropoulos's dedication to training during his time on TUF. While other people were exchanging body fluids, he was running sprints in the back yard. Both fighters are superb grapplers, so this should be a good fight that should go to a decision. I am being provocative and calling it for Sotiropoulos. 大和多魂。 

Silva vs. Bisping

I have said it a bunch, I just don't buy into Bisping as a top level fighter. I think Silva lays it on him. I think Silva devastates him. Hooks and knees from the clinch. Silva KO in the 1st.

Nogueira vs. Velasquez

I am going to be honest, this could go either way. I think the real key is going to be whether Velasquez can base out on Nogueira's sweep attempts and maintain his balance. If so, I think he can ride it out to a decision. If not then I think Nogueira can maintain top position. Nogueira deserves every bit of his legacy and is still a relevant fighter. I would love to see him win. Velasquez is a great up and comer. He has amazing skills and dedication. It would be great to see him win. A toss up. Velasquez's take-down, stamina and balance, earn him a decision.

There it is Linda Kozlowski. Fax it to Arash with a cc to Amy Chavez. Put in your milk money.

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