Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tyrany of the Minority.

This is something that has been making me nuts for a while. The author here makes the very solid point that preventing health care, or any other proposal, is a kind of no vote. So, with the Republicans scorched earth, guerrilla warfare style of preventative politics, they become the majority with 41% of the vote. Somehow this is rationalized in the press, with the complicity of lap-dog Democrats, to seem as the state of things as they have always been. Should 51%, a majority, somehow be considered not enough to get things done? If so, why? Does it only apply to Democratic policies. The answer to the latter would seem to be an emphatic "Yes!!!"


Caitlin said...

Spoke with Joe Pitts on Friday when he came into speak to my AP US History and Con Law class. He and I (unfortunately for the others) dominated the class in a debate on healthcare. He made it clear that he does not and will not at any time in the future support public option. He also will not vote for a healthcare bill from the Democrats. The guy is a piece of work. But more than once in our debate he had to refer to his aide for help, I did not have the option, nor did I need it. I do believe he had his as handed to him, as my teacher later told me. I reduced him to a rambling, in-cohesive mess who argued feelings not facts while I remained calm, factual, and collected. You should be proud.

Caitlin said...

And it's all on video tape!

attempting to silence the voices in my head.