Monday, April 5, 2010


Here is a good list of fish to eat...and not. Good news for me; U.S. shrimp are good for every9one. Bad news for me; I don't live in the U.S.


Caitlin said...

I don't know, I generally really avoid fish. I can't stand the taste. So overfishing hasn't been much of a concern to my personal habits. I do, however, have concern about it in general. I have been watching Life on Discovery and in last night's episode about birds they discussed the impact of overfishing on the sea bird population. Beside it being fascinating to learn how they have adapted, it was a reminder of something that I tend to forget about.

When we lived in Anchorage my father would go fishing for Halibut. That's the only fish I remember liking, but that's more from fond memories than anything else. In Barrow we ate whale, which I don't tell many people about because it is such a controversial topic. I certainly don't support whaling, but when I was younger living in a native village it was just a normal way of life.

The Morholt said...

Thanks Wes. Lots of fish to be had in Mexico, especially in the recently-past lenten season, so it's good to know what is responsible to order.

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