Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Numbers are In

I realize that very few of you who read this care that much about the inner workings of MMA fights, but this seemed really interesting to me. In the fight this weekend between (my favorite fighter) BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar, BJ Penn lost his championship belt on, what seemed to me among many others, a dubious decision. Soon after the fight was finsihed, the FightMetric numbers came in. Here they are. I had the bout pretty much as they have it scored in the right-hand column. Douglas Crosby's now notorius 50-45 has Edgar winning every round. Now, how does someone who does this for a living and is sitting ringside (not that that is an improvement over TV) perceive something so opposed to reality? Maybe there could be an argument that Edgar hits much harder than Penn and Penn was just throwing pitty-pat strikes, but we know pretty much the opposite to be true. Here is a more elaborate breakdown. Crosby insits that he has rewatched the fight and is still correct. Strange things are afoot. Absurd.


Caitlin said...

No mention of Silva behaving like an ass clown?

Chad said...

Well below average...
It is also interesting that this is a non-"Commission" fight and the judges were Dana picked. The fight metric sit did it justice it was a tough fight that Penn won, but I could see a subjective judge scoring it 48-47, maybe, but a 50/45 decison and to stand by it, that is absurd. I guess BJ will have run with even heavier rocks under water and the Commish will have to tell that judge to gosh darn it shap the fudge up. Also it is interesting that the rematch seems to be more on the horizon then a title defense for Edgar.
How great is that?

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