Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Krugman on Debt

Here is Krugman on concerns about the national debt. Even though they won't let me in school as an economist, even though I don't even play one on TV, I would have to go with Krugman on this one. You know the interesting thing about Wall Street? They are wrong a good deal of the time. Even when they are right, their thought process is based on different scales than anything I am interested in. If you care about fantasies and impressions and imaginary goods being moved with imaginary money, then listen to Wall Street. But The Economy and Wall Street are two different things. What is good for one is necessarily linked to the other. I think it is without doubt that President Obama's economic policies lean Wall Street. Ditch Summers and Geitner. Get Krugman. Get Reich for Christ's sake.

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