Saturday, November 21, 2009

UFC 106: Cat Food

UFC Commissioner Dana White walked to the podium with astonishment. "What the fuck do you mean Captain Lou Albano died? Why did nobody tell me?" Hurt wrenched his face as tears fell softly on his Erik B and Rakim vintage t-shirt. The show must go on.

Sotiropoulos vs. Dent: Sotiropoulus trained at Purebred Tokyo so I am going to go with him regardless. He is also a phenomenal grappler. Sotiropoulos by decision.

Uno vs. Camoes: Uno is a pioneer in the sport. A hero with a rad single leg. If the single leg is working for him I see him getting a decision. I don't know that he can sub Camoes but I think he can out box him. Uno lacks power however. Look for his wrestling to earn him a decision.

Larson vs. Foster: He is from Minnesota and named Brock so I am reflexively against Larson. I shouldn't be. A great grappler. He wins by sub in the 1st.

Grove vs. Rosholt: Grove is not someone you can predict anymore. He has outstanding reach but fights out of the clinch. He love to trike but has no chin. His clench work on the fence isn't bad but Rosholt is a real wrestler. I think Grove is good on the ground. I think he is good on the feet. I still think he loses by TKO in the 3rd.

Saunders vs. Davis: I want to pull for Saunders. He seems like a rad guy and his Ft. Bragg demolition of Wolffe was a thing of legend. However he really isn't that experienced a fighter. Davis has some of the best footwork in the game. Great job with the distance. Great hands. Great hands that transition into solid takedowns and submissions. I think it should be an interesting fight but I think Davis takes it by sub in the 2nd.

Thiago vs. Volkmann: Apparently Volkmann is a takedown machine. Thiago is still somewhat of a mystery. I like him though. He is a tough striker a rugged grappler. Volkmann might be able to control the fight for a decision but I see Thiago hanging in for a chance and getting a KO in the 3rd.

Sadollah vs. Baroni: Baroni. The best 'evah! But really not so great. Not great at all. Lot of punching power. A little wrestling and no gas tank. None. Can he knock out Sadollah? Sure, in the first 2 minutes. What does Sadollah really have? I don't know but we will find out when he beats Baroni after he gasses in the 2nd. Sadollah by sub.

Nogueira vs. Cane: Cane is a meat grinder. Nogueira has been through the meat grinder. Nogueira is a lot like his twin brother. He has solid boxing and savvy grappling. Cane is the more explosive. I see Cane getting the clinch and kneeing Nogueira into oblivion in the 3rd.

Koschek v. Johnson: Will Koschek wrestle? If he goes out there and takes the single. Explodes through the double, he wins. The more he stands up, the more chances Johnson has to land a huge right hand. If Koschek goes out and strikes, start betting against him. I think he wises up and wrestles to the decision.

Ortiz vs. Griffin: What do we know about Ortiz at this point? Maybe his back was that bad and surgery rolled back the clock. Maybe his back was just part of the aging process and he is just a so-so used up fighter. I like Ortiz. I like that he fights to his game plan. It is a good plan for him. I like his defensive boxing. Both of these fighters have great gas tanks. Forrest has better striking, although little power outside of his leg kicks. Ortiz has little power striking, but Forrest has little beard. Does Forrest really have the ground game we keep being told about? This one is a toss up, but I see Griffin getting the decision off of leg kick and defending the takedown.

The fight that I wanted to see was Parisyan vs. Hazelett but alas, Karo is a headcase and we will probably never see it. Parisyan vs. other grapplers are among my favorite fights of all times. Parisyan vs. Diaz. Parisyan vs. Sanchez. Great stuff. Too bad. Too bad Arash Markazi has given coverage duties over to Amy Chavez. Take it to the office.

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