Saturday, November 14, 2009

UFC: 105 Drama of Alienation

I haven't made pick in a while. Why? I could think of lots of reasons, but the first would be explaining to your girlfriend why you need to use her computer for an hour to spout undauntedly about something that isn't that important. Also, I still don't have internet on my computer. However, in my last day of making weight I need to do something that isn't eating.

UFC Commissioner Dana White, hand clenched in fury over the Stupak Amendment stepped to the podium and vowed the European mission would continue.

Gustaffson vs. Hamman- Don't know. Don't care. Hamman by smashing 1st.

Riddle vs. Osipczak- Riddle is too much the athlete. His left hand hasn't got a chance to shine since TUF tryouts but he will get takedowns at will. A beat up. TKO for Riddle in the 1st.

Winner vs. Delgado- It is fun to see Delgado in the UFC. It makes you think one of your buddies could make it. He is sporting a lovely Jesus beard as well. Maybe it is a Tanner throwback. Delgado has a good guard but Winner is too physical. Winner by decision.

Kelly vs. Siver- I have never been impressed with Siver, outside of his physique. Kelly is a game fighter and will get the better of Siver in most aspects. Kelly by decision.

Etim vs. Gugerty- Etim has been nothing but impressive since he entered the UFC. Even in his losses. He has excellent kickboxing. He judges distance well and he is skilled on the ground. Etim gets a TKO in the 3rd.

Taylor vs. Hathaway- I like both of these guys. Hathaway is more a rising youngster than a posible product. I think Taylor has the experience to take a decision, but I am interested to see how Hathaway is coming along.

Wilks vs. Brown- I have said before that I loved Mike Brown's status as a folk hero among his peers. His tattoos are awful. I wonder how ironic having "Immortal" tattooed across your stomach will seem when you get diagnosed with cancer. I didn't have any faith in Wilks on TUF, but I was wrong. He is skilled. Brown is a much better striker and hurts Wilks in the 2nd for a TKO. I am worried about Brown's stamina, as usual.

Pearson vs Riley- Similar fighters. Tough guys. If Pearson's time aways from being a professional bricklayer has made him a 5-10% better fighter than he can take this. Riley has made his bones being a tough guy. I think Riley's change of camps earns him a decision.

Swick vs. Hardy- Hardy is my kind of fighter and I keep betting against him. He keeps winning. Still I think Swick is more physical and has more speed and toughness. I think Swick take him down and rough him up. Hardy tries to work the rubber guard but Swick pushes though it and hurt Hardy for a 2nd round stoppage.

Bisping vs. Kang- I say this about Bisping every time; He isn't a great athlete, he is the most athletic guy you know. Dan Henderson completely outclasses him. Dennis Kang is one of the most talented fighters out there but he is a headcase. He loses fights he should win in really ridiculous ways. No one seems to mention that his losing streak started around the time his girlfriend, and fellow fighter, killed herself. That might make one a headcase. Still, Kang outstrikes Bisping and takes him down at will. Kang by TKO in the 3rd.

Couture vs. Vera- Has betting against Handy ever paid off? Sometimes, but I usually go for him when I should go against him and vice-versa. I have bought the Vera hype since the first time I heard of him. I still do. However Vera is, like Kang, subject to mental pitfalls. How does this match up against Couture's slipping skills? Will those skills resurge? I like Vera to keep the distance and land strikes. His stunning low kicks will be hard to work against an opponent like Randy who has excellent takedowns. Both of these fighters were skilled Greco-Roman wrestlers but Randy is clearly more experienced in fighting in the clinch. If Randy can end it it will be by boxing in the clinch, getting the takedown and doing his usual half-guard destruction. Still. I have Vera by controversial decision.


Caitlin said...

Ugh, the Stupak amendment. My state rep, Joe Pitts, co-authored that. I have a personal vendetta with Joe Pitts that started when I was in second grade and he let a door slam in my face giving me a black eye and continuing every single fucking time he opens his mouth and manages to connect a rag tag group of words together in a sentence that would be better spoken by someone with a form of mental retardation. Plus when I was in eleventh grade he "accidentally" groped me. That skeevy mother fucker. Anyway, I disagree and say Couture will win.

wwc said...

I am glad the grudge is personal.

Edo said...

Something to get you hyped for the fight tomorrow, though you may already have heard the news:,35244/

Chad said...

Couture will win by using the wisdom of his age and Bisiping will win by throwing a water bottle

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