Monday, November 16, 2009

Onward Christian Soldiers

For all of those people who don't think a change in administrations matters. That this viewpoint was in power is sick and stupid and a disservice to people who were attempting to be of service. It isn't even Christianity in any recognizable form that they are advocating, it is servitude to their narcissism. The people involved in the Bush regime seemed to roll around in power the way a dog splays himself on animal remains; wallowing in the stink. This article is pretty sickening.

There are other things going on here to. I don't really want to dissect anyone's faith, however it seems that some of these people's belief was rooted in a shallow insistance that beleiving in God was believing in something nice and clean. That they insulated themselves with religion and were left in the cold when what they thought to be the case was all ripped away.

In anycase it is a sad situation and the fact that money comes into the equation for treatment is the real sickness here. If you are willing to pay for the war, pay for its effects.

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Caitlin said...

It's absolutely disgusting that in this country we can send soldiers out to war to experience the carnage of war and we cannot or will not take care of them when they return home. I began to suffer from PTSD after my friend was murdered and the subsequent events and I eventually worked through it with various means and it saddens me greatly that those who stepped up are left to deal with the trauma virtually one their own. The idea that a God is going to give them all the help they need is ludicrous and, frankly embarrassing to the country.

attempting to silence the voices in my head.