Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Native Son?

This is a rad poll that says that Southerners support Obama's performance over Bush's. Tow problems:

One- It refers to Bush as a "Native Son." Of Connecticut? Yes. Of Texas? Marginal. Southern? F' that.

Two- This will change the press narrative zero percent. Bush will always be treated as if he was popular but embattled and any Democrat will be treated as controversial and divisive.


Chad said...

What they meant was native son of america as opposed to a native son of Kenya. The coverage is interesting anywhere from the end of a dream to only the beginning. I believe it was Bill Moyers who said no matter how great Obama does he will disappoint because we expect more than he possibly deliver. My thoughts? Who knows, I found the coverage at interesting:

Caitlin said...

In what way do you mean popular? As in Bush is portrayed as popular but embattled. Do you mean popular in the south? Popular from a foreign stand point? Or just popular throughout the entire country? I think I grasp what you are saying but I have yet to really see any post Bush media coverage showing him as popular throughout the country. If you mean like-able as a person I can kind of see that portrayal.

wwc said...

I mean that the story line was and is that even though he had issues and stuff he was a likable guy- that-even though it was known and provable that he was wildly unsupported by the population-he was a popular but embattled president. This narrative is intrinsicaly attached to the Reagan narrative which states that Reagan was hugely popular even though the numbers verify he never was and was significantly less popular than President Clinton.

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