Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Last Name Rundown

I realized I haven't gone over some of the unusual last names since I switched schools. I don't know how much this interests people but it occupies a lot of my time. It is also good random kanji study.

市ノ瀬  いちのせ  Ichinose

丹羽  にわ Niwa

深作  ふくさく Fukusaku

みのる   Minoru (So rare it won't come up as kanji)

大志万  おおしま  Oshima

筏     いかだ   Ikada

柘植   つげ     Tsuge

New Category: Easy to read but rare.

江見  えみ    Emi

上品  うえしな Ueshina

Newer Category: Easy to read, but wait!

清野  せいの  Seino

That covers the first years. I am also curious about the explosion of the first name もえ (Moe). Pronounced "Mo Eh" Not "Mo."

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