Saturday, December 6, 2008

Politics: For the First Time in a Long Time

When I went to VCU one weekend FUGAZI played outside, in the middle of the school, for free. Nice. When I went to Alabama, one homecoming we had Alan Jackson, the next we had Blues Traveler. What we are looking at with the Obama cabinet appointments right now is what goes with the territory. I never thought that FUGAZI was going to come play Alabama. Why should I think that? I never thought Obama was going to nominate Noam Chomsky as National Security Advisor and Gore Vidal as Secretary of State. Even if he wanted to, which I never thought he did, the nature of the situation makes it impossible. He is going to operate inside the framework that veers very little from the status quo. When Alan Jackson played, I didn't even bother to know what day (sorry Mom.) When Blues Traveler played, I at least wandered over for a bit. The big change with an Obama administration is that at least people will be doing their jobs and the general aim will be competence and effectiveness, that is the major issue.

To go further, I don't even have a problem with Gates as SECDEF. I think he is doing his job effectively. I completely and totally disagree with the mission of the Defense Department right now, but that isn't going to change immediately so why not leave him to handle it. My main concern was the other neo-con lackeys on the loose in the Pentagon, but it looks they they are going to go, so.... I don't like the image that SECDEF is a tough position and therefor left to Republicans, but I don't think that is what is being projected. I kind of feel like it is a Republican war and that they can pick up after themselves. Plus, as I said above, with Obama as the boss, we can assume (always a precarious proposition) that the fundamental idea that government should work will be back in place.

Most of the time you don't get OPIV you get No Doubt. Instead of Daniel Johnston you get Jack Johnson. Sorry.


The Morholt said...

Also, as things bottom out, it's good to have republicans on board to disperse blame and reflect it back over the last 8 years. And when heads have to inevitably roll, nice to have some conservative heads lined up on the block.

wwc said...

Yes. That was something I was kind of getting at. Gates has to respond to administration orders, then Democrats can say, "But Gates agrees with us." Or when things go wrong they can say, "But he is your guy, fighting your war."

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